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GULPA Air Purifier AP1211 Manual

GULPA Air Purifier AP1211 Manual Image

GULPA Air Purifier

Product Structure (As shown below)

  1. Main Body
  2. HEPA Filter
  3. Aromatherapy Sponge
  4. Bottom Cover

Function Introduction

  1. Control Panel

  1. Standby
    Insert the plug of air purifier into power source, the buzzer will ring, and all the indicators will lighten. After three seconds, air purifier is in standby mode, “power button” indicator lights up, and the other icons do not lights up.
  2. Power on/off
    Tap the top power icon to switch the power on and off, the default wind speed is low, negative ion off.
  3. Speed Button
    Wind speed adjustment “Low”→ “High” → “Auto”→ “Sleep”, Loop in turn.
  4. Negative Ions
    Touch the negative ion icon to turn the negative ion function on or off. The full light of the icon light turns off the negative ion function, and the icon light flashes to turn on the negative ion function.
  5. Replace The Filter
    When the air purifier is turned on, it will count down, turn off the air purifier and restart, it will continue to count down. When the filter replacement is accumulated for 2000 hours, the replacement filter indicator light will flash, and the buzzer will beep. After replacing the new filter, keep pressing the filter reset icon for three seconds icons light fully light up and do not flash. At the same time the buzzer is turned off.
  6. Timing Function
    Touch the timing icon, adjust the countdown shutdown time 1H 2H 4H 8H Loop in turn.
  7. Sleep Stalls
    Touch the wind speed adjustment icon , adjust to the sleep gear position, enter the sleep mode, all the lights are off, only the wind speed icon light and the sleep gear light are half bright, touch the wind speed icon to exit the sleep mode.


Before you turn on the machine for the first time, be sure to remove the filter bag before you use it.

  1. Air purifier filter installation
    Grasp the bottom cover handle by hand (the position shown by the arrow in Figure 1) and turn the bottom cover in the direction of unlocking. Then take out the filter (the item shown by the arrow in Figure 2), remove the filter bag, and put the filters back, then insert the bottom cover into the fuselage and turn it in the direction of the lock.
  2. Aromatherapy Function
    There are two special perfume sponges inside the bottom cover of the machine. You can drop the perfume of your favorite scent onto the sponge (as shown by the arrow in Picture 3). When the machine is working, there will be a trace of wind passing through this area, and the scent will slowly emanate with the breeze, giving you a more comfortable living environment. You can also choose to put the fragrance particles your own preferences into it. Remove the sponge when using the fragrance particles (as shown by the arrow in Picture 4).

Air Quality Indicator

  1. The machine is equipped with a high-precision particle sensor. After starting the machine, it automatically checks the content of particles in the air near the machine. At the same time, it is displayed by the light in the machine after the chip is convert-ed (as shown by the arrow in Picture 5).
  2. There are 4 colors of air quality indicator, which are blue, green, purple and red. Blue means that the harmful gas content in the air is very low (air quality is excel-lent), green means less harmful air in the air (air quality is good), and purple means that the harmful gas content in the air has not reach to standard (air quality
    “Medium”), red means harmful gases in the air excessive content (poor air quality)


Press the power button does not turn on

  • Is the power plug plugged in?
  • Is the fuse in your home broken?
  • Is it a power outage?
  • Is the front cover installed correctly or stuck in wrong place?
  • Please contact customer service center for other abnormalities or malfunctions.

The sound is very noisy

  • Whether the machine is placed has deflection
  • Uneven floor
  • Whether the filter is blocked or needs to be replaced
  • The air inlet is blocked
  • Please contact customer service center for other abnormalities or malfunctions.
Please make sure to check the long-term used air purifier
Are there any such phno mena? There is burnt smell, power cord, plug abnormal heat Please cut off the power, unplug and contact the dealer.
High operating noise
Frequent start of leakage insurance
Other abnormalities or malfunctions

Technical Parameters

Product name:Air Purifier
Rated voltage:220V-240V
Rated power:50Hz-60Hz
Rated power:30W