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Hamilton BeachElectric Hand Mixer with Whisk Manual

Hamilton BeachElectric Hand Mixer with Whisk Manual Image

Hamilton BeachElectric Hand Mixer with Whisk


  • Product Dimensions 83 x 10.39 x 5.91 inches
  • Item Weight 8 pounds
  • Material Plastic
  • Style Silver Double
  • Voltage 120 Volts
  • Brand Hamilton Beach


Forget the drive-through for fast food. You can get a hot, fresh breakfast sandwich in less than 5 minutes with the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker. Simply arrange the ingredients within, create the sandwich basis in the bottom layer, insert the egg on the frying plate, and then secure the lid. The cooking dish is removed, and your sandwich is automatically put together. Your hot breakfast sandwich is ready to eat when you lift the top. From the typical egg, ham, and cheese sandwich to the unusual cheddar, apple, bacon, and egg croissant sandwich, the attached recipe book offers a variety of breakfast sandwich possibilities.

What’s in the box?

  • Sandwich Maker
  • Quick And Easy Recipes
  • User Manual


WARNING! Burn Hazard: Always use an oven mitt to protect hand when opening cover.

Plug cord into wall outlet. The red POWER light will glow. Let unit preheat with cover closed and cooking plates rotated in between rings. NOTE: Green PREHEAT light will come on when unit is heated to the correct temperature and will cycle on and off during cooking. It is NOT an indicator when sandwich is ready. Red POWER light stays on. Use handles to lift cover, top rings, and cooking plates.

Place bottom half of bread (such as an English muffin, small bagel, or biscuit) onto bottom plates. Top bread with ingredients such as precooked meats, vegetables, and cheese. Move top rings and cooking plates down.

Crack an egg onto each cooking plate. Pierce yolk with a fork  or toothpick. (You can use a whole large egg, egg white, or a scrambled egg.) Top with the other half of bread. Close cover. Cook sandwiches for 4 to 5 minutes. NOTE: Do not push lid all the way down when loaded with ingredients or when using a jumbo egg.

Press the up or down button to the desired time in half-minute (0.5) increments. If the up or down button has not been pressed in 5 seconds, the timer will start. When there is less than 1 minute remaining, the timer switches to seconds and continues to count down. The timer will beep when the time is up. Press the up or down button to stop beeping. This unit does not turn off automatically at the beep.

When finished cooking, rotate cooking plate handles out until they stop. Using an oven mitt, lift ring assemblies and cover by holding bottom ring handles to open. Remove breakfast sandwiches with plastic or wooden utensil. Never use metal. Unplug when through cooking. Let cool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this save my failing marriage, and if not, is it safe to consume two breakfast sandwiches alone?

Yes, studies have shown that eating breakfast sandwiches together can save a failing marriage. Eating two breakfast sandwiches alone, however, is extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

Can you use more than one egg in a sandwich?

I do it all the time. we have a single maker and I prefer my bread toasted in the toaster rather then the top soggy from the egg. we have chickens and they lay assorted sizes of eggs i routinely put 2 large in the bottom ring and one large and medium in the top rings. I preheat them before doing it but it will cook them all in about 5minutes. I usually open the top and look at the eggs in the top ring. once done I slide the middle out and open it up and slide the eggs on a plate or the toasted English muffin. Doing it this way I can make them twice as fast and feed my family of 7 much quicker. I am contemplating getting the dual cooker unit.

Does it work to make one sandwich instead of two?

Yes. This cookbook has a detailed explanation of how to make ONE or TWO sandwiches, in case this is still unclear.It’s like an automatic coffee maker: you just put the ingredients in & 5 minutes later you have a perfect breakfast sandwich! It’s incredibly easy to clean up – just put the ring in the dishwasher and wipe the rest with a damp cloth. Easier than a frying pan. Perfect when you don’t have a stove: dorm room, RV, boat, traveling, etc. When it’s hot out & you don’t want to fire up the stove, this makes a quick hot breakfast without heating up the kitchen.

Do the rings fit into the same open channel cut outs as in the single unit, or have they improved it so the rings stay in place better?

No, and almost, and no. I bought the single version several months ago and I like it a lot, so when Amazon invited me to review this model (the double) I jumped on the chance. I was tempted to say “they are interchangeable” but I thought I had better stop and go to the kitchen and fin out. That was ten minutes ago. They look almost identical, but you just can’t make the parts from the single fit into the double or the other way around. There are slight engineering differences. They both operate the same: the ring / middle-circle plate assembly comes out in exactly the same way, but there are slight variances so that you can’t fit the ting from one into the other. I have no idea why they did this. I see no “improvements” in their construction or design.

Will it heat up pre-cooked frozen sausage patties?

Yes it will, but be sure you’re using pre-cooked patties. Frozen patties will thaw and heat in the sandwich maker as it makes the sandwich. But, I usually put the patties directly on my clean granite counter a few minutes before making my sandwiches because I like the sausage hotter. Granite has amazing properties and will help things thaw quickly. It dissipates the cold or something. Anyone remember the old “magic” thawing trays that were sold on TV some years ago? They were just small pieces of granite. You can also thaw patties overnight in the refrigerator or pop them into a microwave to thaw.

Someone is going to ask, soon enough may as well be me. What’s the wattage of the unit?

1200 watts (120 V, 60 Htz). The “single sandwich version” (made by the same company) is only 600 watts (120 V, 60 Htz). I just went into the kitchen and looked at the bottom of both devices.

Can you cook hamburguers here?

It only cooks on the bottom with the center piece so you would have to pull the burger out and flip it. Eggs are thin and cook through easily just on one side, especially if you like sunny side up. This is not like a george foreman type of grill, not sure how burgers would work but you could try it I guess. Plus it might get really messy from the greasiness of the burger.

Does the timer turn off the unit or is it just an audible sound when the time has expired?

No, it doesn’t turn it off. I would love to see this incorporated in future models. However, even if it did turn off automatically, you’d want to remove your sandwich as soon as it’s done so as not to overcook it. Of course, one might set the timer of the cooker for a shorter cook time and leave the sandwich it in to finish cooking, but that could get tricky.

I dont have a dish washer and I’m not married how do I clean it?

Most of the time I just clean it off with paper towels. Then every so often I put the washable parts in the sink and hand wash. It doesn’t really need it but it makes me feel better. All surfaces are non-stick and they wipe clean just like a non-stick frying pan.

Does this toast the bread?

if by toast you mean make the bottom of one side burned till its hard then yes. putting the top of the English muffin on the egg makes it soggy in my opinion. I say nay. I use the maker for cooking the eggs and toast the bread in the toaster.

If you want to use bacon (not canadian), do you have to pre-cook that first?

The bacon grease will flow out the sides and onto the counter, but it will cook the bacon. It won’t be crispy, just messy. We had a single unit which fit onto a paper plate.

Does anyone precook the sandwiches ahead of time, freeze and thaw? Curious how they would be after the freeze and thaw, like the store bought ones.

This unit is so easy and fast to use, you would spend more time thawing and then figuring out how long to cook pre-cooked sandwich then making it the first time.

Does it make the egg in scramble form?

Others have answered questions about scrambled eggs. I have not tried, but you can scramble the eggs before putting into the ring, but once you close the lid, I would think the eggs would be in one round “puck”. One responder to this question said it does scramble eggs well, but don’t know if this person stirred the egg with the cover open or closed the lid and ended up with one solid round disc.

Can you put a bagel into this sandwich maker?

We have never tried to put a bagel in the sandwich maker. We like English muffins because they only have 110 calories.

Does the egg slide on the right muffin slide out to the right or left?

If you cook it on the right side you would slide the handle on the right side towards the back. When you use the left side you slide the handle on the left towards the back. The egg falls on the muffin.

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