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HEATSTORE HSDBU24 Inteliplinth Heater Manual

HEATSTORE HSDBU24 Inteliplinth Heater Manual Image

HSDBU24 Inteliplinth Heater Specification Sheet

Technical Details

Controls Digitally controlled, accurate electronic thermostat.
Timer modes: 7 Day Programmable User Timer
Continuous heat modes: Manual, Runback, Off
Adaptive Start
Advance time period
Adjustable SP range (7- 32°C)Bluetooth for control
Controller UI Button to initiate pairing with remote controls via
Bluetooth remote
Controller UI Durable epoxy-polyester powder-coated grille with galvanized steel body
Element  Modulating heat output via 3 stages stitched element with integral thermal cut-out
Installation Screwed location to the plinth.
Adjustable foot support at the rear
Safety  Electrical reset, self-hold cut-out
IP Rating IP20
Battery Back-Up  None. In the event of power loss, re-pairing the Bluetooth remote to the appliance will automatically reset the time and date.
Supply 1.3 meters fitted, 3 core for fused spur installation,1/N/PE ~230- 240 V, 50 Hz Class I, with earth wire
Colour / Finish Air Outlet Grille options:
• Traffic White (RAL 9016)
• Brown
• Brushed Stainless Steel

Product Description

The HSDBU24 Inteliplinth features a seven-day timer with an electronic thermostat making it a perfect extension to Heat store panels and storage heaters.
This heater fits into the plinth space under cabinets in rooms with wall space restrictions

Key Features

  • User-programmable room temperatures with a seven-day timer
  • Accurate electronic thermostat
  • Features energy-saving Adaptive Start technology
  • Same size and fixings as an older Heat store
    Plinth heaters
  •  Forward-facing grille with fan-assisted output for optimum heat circulation
  •  Choice of the different colored grille to blend in with kick space
  • Remote control via Bluetooth remote
  • Complies with Lot 20 of ERP Directive


Model HSDBU24

Output (kW) 2.4kW
Front Cover Chassis
Height (mm) 120 90
Width (mm) 500 360
Depth (mm) 226 210
Weight (kg) 3.5
Packaging Details
Barcode 5020669519434
Height (mm) 250
Width (mm) 510
Depth (mm) 150
Packed Weight (kg) 4.5
Ti 13
Hi 7
Pallet Quantity (2.4m high) 91
Warranty & Approvals
Approvals CE, BAB
Warranty 2 years of on-site service
Country of Origin Manufacturer Ireland
Approvals Heat store

Tel: +44 (0)117 923 5375
Email: [email protected]

VERSION 3 06/21