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HERTZ Cento Subwoofer Manual

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Owner’s Manual

Congratulations on purchasing our product. Your satisfaction is the first requirement that our products must meet: the same satisfaction as the one gained by those who long for experiencing the car audio emotion. This manual has been drawn to provide the main instructions required to install and use the system properly. However, the range of possible applications is wide; for further information, please feel free to contact your trusted dealer or our technical support at the email support@elettromedia. 
Before installing the components, please carefully read all of the instructions contained in this manual. Failure to respect these instructions may cause unintentional harm or damage to the product.

  1. All components must be firmly secured to the vehicle structure. Do the same when installing any custom structures you may have built. Confirm your installation is solid and safe. A component coming loose while driving may cause serious damage to the passengers, as well as to other vehicles.
  2. Always wear protective eyewear when using tools, as splints or product residue may become airborne.
  3. In order to avoid incidental damage, keep the product in the original packaging until you are ready for the final installation.
  4. Do not carry out any installation inside the engine compartment.
  5. Before starting with the installation turn the head unit and all other audio system devices off, avoiding any possible damage.
  6.  Make sure that the location you choose to install the components does not interfere with the normal operation of any mechanical or electrical devices of the vehicle.
  7. Do not install loudspeakers where they may be exposed to water, excessive humidity, dust or dirt.
  8. Do not install the components or make cable run close to electronic or mechanical devices of the vehicle.
  9. Be very cautious when drilling or cutting into the vehicle chassis, making sure there are no cables or structural elements essential to the vehicle underneath or in the selected area.
  10. When routing cables, make sure that the cable does not come in contact with sharp edges or near-moving mechanical devices. Make sure that it is firmly attached and protected along its entire length and its insulation is self-extinguishing.
  11.  Only use cables with the proper section (AWG) indicated herein.
  12. When running the cable through a hole in the chassis of the vehicle, protect the cable with a rubber ring (grommet). Be sure to provide proper protection for cables running close to heat-generating devices.
  13. Do not run the wires outside of the vehicle.
  14. Use top-quality cables, connectors, and accessories such as found in the Connection catalog.
  15. Warranty certificate: For more information visit the Hertz website.

Information on electrical and electronic equipment waste (for those European countries which organize the separate collection of waste). Products that are marked with a wheeled bin with an X through it can not be disposed of together with ordinary domestic waste. These electrical and electronic products must be recycled in proper facilities, capable of managing the disposal of these products and components. In order to know where and how to deliver these products to the nearest recycling/disposal site please contact your local municipal office.
Recycling and disposing of waste in a proper way contributes to the protection of the environment and to prevents harmful effects on health.

Hertz Warranty

The Hertz products are warranted, under normal functioning conditions, for the period of time as set by the laws in force, against defects concerning materials or their manufacturing. The warranty is valid from the date of purchase, certified by a receipt.
The warranty is not valid if:

  • the product is damaged by incidents, installations, and/or improper use, or by any other causes not depending on materials or manufacturing defects;
  • the product is modified or tampered with by unauthorized people;
  • its serial number has been altered or canceled.

While the product is under warranty, defective parts will be repaired or replaced at the manufacturer’s discretion.
The defective product, along with a notification about it, must be returned to the dealer from which it was purchased together with the warranty certificate duly filled in. If the product is no longer under warranty, it will be repaired at the current cost.
Elettromedia s.r.l. does not undertake any liability for damages due to transportation.
Elettromedia s.r.l. does not take any responsibility for: costs or loss of profit due to the impossibility to use the product, other accidental or consequential costs, expenses, or damages suffered by the customer.
Warranty according to laws in force.
For more information visit the Hertz website.

Packaging contents


CS 250 S2

CS 250 54

270 231 132 115 260 28,3 255 5,2 mm
10.63 9.09 5.2 4.53 10.24 1.11 10.04 0.2 in.
CS 300 52

CS 300 54

318 281 147 130 308 28,3 302 5,2 mm
12.52 11.06 5.79 5.12 12.13 1.11 11.89 0.2 in.



FREE AIR DC                RESISTANCE                    CS 250 52
CS 300 52
CS 250 54
CS 300 54
1 Speaker 2,2 3,6 Ω
2 Speaker
3 Speaker
4 Speaker
4,4 7,2 Ω
6,6 10S Ω
8.8 14,4 Ω
2 Speaker

3 Speaker
4 Speaker
1,1 1,8 Ω
0,7 12 Ω
0,6 0,9 Ω
4 Speaker
6 Speaker
8 Speaker
22 3,6 Ω
1,5 2,4 Ω
1,1 1,8 Ω




PANELS A Qty B Qty C Qty
mm (in.) Pcs mm (in.) Pcs mm (in.) Pcs
CS 250 S2/S4
385 x 385
(15,16 x 15,16)
2 385 x 142
(15,16 x 5,59)
2 347 x 142

(13,66 x 5,59)

CS 300 S2/S4
495 x 495

(19,49 x 19,49)

2 495 x 162
(19,49 x 6,38)
2 475 x 162
(17,99 x 6,38)
FILTER Suggested Subsonic filter cut-off Suggested Lo-pass filter cut-off
CS 250 S2/S4
15 Hz / 24 dB Oct 70-80 Hz / 24 db Oct
CS 300 S2/S4
15 Hz / 24 dB Oct 60-70 Hz / 24 db Oct

Elektro-akoestische parameters

CS 250 S2  CS 250 S4  CS 300 S2  CS 300 S4
D mm 216 216 267,01 267,7
Xmax mm 12,5 12,5 12,5 12,5
2,2 3,6 2,2 3,6
30 30 25 25
Le mH 2,38 3,33 2,8 3,64
Vas 1 32 34,5 87,25 93,42
Mms S 166 154 205 193
CMS mm/N 0,17 0,18 0,20 0,21
BL Tem 11,5 13,7 12 14,8
Qts 0,49 0,52 0,46 0,47
Qes 0,52 0,56 0,49 0,50
Qms 9,4 9,4 7,2 7,2
Spl dB 84 84 86,5 86,5

The Thiele and Small parameters are measured after the speaker has been conditioned by a specific signal and represent the expected long term parameters after a short period of use.

Technical specifications

Strada Regina Km 3,500 – Marignano
62018 Potenza Picena (MC) Italy
T +39 0733 870 870 – F +39 0733 870 880

Tutte le specifiche riportate sono soggette a cambiamento senza preavviso
All specifications subject to change without notice