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hiPee Smart Posture Correction Manual

hiPee Smart Posture Correction Manual Image

hiPee Smart Posture Correction User Manual

Instruction Cleaning

Power on

Long press the button for 3 seconds for power on.
In the power-on state, long press the button for 3 seconds for power off.

Bond devices

The browser scan the QR code on the right to download App. Bond your device according to the instructions.
Please turn on Bluetooth and location before binding the device.

App Store

Google Play

Set up the correct posture

Wear the device, and set up the correct posture according to the instructions in App.
Set up the suitable angle and time lapse of the reminder.

Keep the correct posture

When having a wrong posture or sitting for a long time, the device will “ vibrate ” to remind you to be upright.
If you want to have a rest while using this device, you can double click the button to temporarily turn off the reminder mode for 30 minutes. Double click again to turn on the reminder mode.

Posture training

The App offers professional “posture training courses” and “exercise games”. Taking regular exercises every day can help strengthening weak muscles, which makes it easier to remain a good posture.

Vibration and indicator lights

The product keeps being updated, so please subject to the actual version.

Device Status Vibrations Indicator lights
Power on 1 long vibration Fully Charged: Blue Light be constant for 5 second then vibrates. 
Low battery: red light
Power off 1 short vibration *
Bluetooth pairing 2 short vibrations *
Pcomstpurletreedcording 2 short vibrations blue light flash speed from fast to normal
Posture reminder 3wsithhorretpveibtirtaiotinons *
Lroenmginsditetirng 3 long vibrations *
Pcohwaregre ON/OFF * Charging: red light vibrates
Charging completed: constant blue light
Vibration ON 1 short vibration Purple light flashes once and then vibrates
Vibration OFF 2 short vibrations Blue light flashes once and then vibrates
SbhuottrotnporenssVitbhreatpionwer OFF mode * Purple light flashes once
bShuottrotnporenssVitbhreatpionwer ON mode * Blue light flashes once

Charging instruction


For charging the device, please push the back of it and remove it from the neck loop ( as shown in images ① ② ).
This device uses Type-C port for charging, and the power adapter should meet the following requirements:
Rated input: 5V 1A
Charging period: around 1.5 h.
Charging: red light vibrates

Charging completed: constant blue light

Charging Inductions

Assembly and disassembly

Upon the completion of charging, please align the device to the dentof the neck loop(though the neck loop is elastic, please stretch it gently ), and adjust the device to be vertical with the horizontal plane (as shown in images ③ ④).


  1. Storage requirements: temperature: -10℃~+55℃
    relative humidity: ≤80%R.H. non-condensing state atmospheric pressure: (70.0~106.0)kPa.
  2. After cleaning, please completely dry the device, and store it in suitable environment.
  3. If your device remains idle for a long time, please recharge it at regular basis to remain the battery life.
  4. Please prevent the device from falling and damages.
  5. Please avoid direct sunlight, and store this product in cool and corrosive gas-free environment, away from heating device and open fire

Product parameters

Product name: Smart Posture Corrector
Product model: P1
Product size: (Adult) 137×167×32mm (Kids) 120×132×32mm
Product weight: battery and neck loop included (Adult) 60g (Kids) 51g
Power supply: internal power supply
Rated input: 5V 1A
Communication means:
low power consumption Bluetooth 4.1 and newer
CMIIT ID: 2020DP11849
Operating environment:
temperature: -10℃~+55℃
relative humidity: ≤80%R.H. non-condensing state
atmospheric pressure: (70.0~106.0)kPa.
Operating time: 90h
Charging time: around 1.5h

Warranty Instructions

We warrants the included hardware product and accessories against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of original retail purchase. We does not warrant against normal wear and tear,nor damage caused by accident or abuse(such as damages caused by improper use, improper storage or unauthorized dismantlement). To obtain service, please visit an Authorized Service Provider—available service options dependent on country in which service is requested and may be restricted to original country of sale.international shipping charges may apply depending on location.

If you submit a valid claim under this warranty, We will either repair,replace, or refund your hardware product at its own discretion.

Warranty benefits are in addition to rights provided under local consumer laws. You may be required to furnish proof of purchase details when making a claim under this warranty.

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