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Homedepot how to use the imusa rice cooker Manual

Homedepot how to use the imusa rice cooker Manual Image

Homedepot how to use the imusa rice cooker


This product is for household use only. Note: IMUSA carries different capacity rice cookers to address your cooking needs.

  1. Wash all removable elements in warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
  2. Wipe the outer housing with a clean damp cloth. NEVER immerse this appliance in water or any other liquid. NEVER clean any part in a dishwasher.
  3. Make sure that no loose rice or particles fall loose between the bowl and the rice cooker.
  4. The bowl must fit snugly onto the heating plate to ensure proper contact for cooking. Place the desired amount of rice into the bowl. Add cold water up to the exact level indicated on the side of the cooking bowl. By adding too much water you may cause the unit to boil over.
  5. The taste and hardness of rice will vary depending on the type or brand of rice you choose to cook. For softer, fluffier rice add additional water (half an inch more). For firmer crunchier rice add a little less water (half an inch less). You may need to experiment to suit your taste.
  6. Brown rice takes longer to cook than white rice and requires more water.
  7. Place the lid on the rice cooker. Plug into a standard electrical outlet. The WARM light will come on. Push the “On” switch down and the COOK indicator light will come on the panel display. As the rice cooks, steam will come out of the vent in the tempered glass lid. For this reason, do not place the rice cooker under cabinets. Failure to do this could cause cabinet damage. Slight spattering is normal.
  8. IMPORTANT: Rice cooking will begin only when the “On” switch is pushed down and the cooking bowl is in position in the rice cooker. When cooking is done, the rice cooker will automatically switch to WARM (the light will be on) and will remain on until the appliance is unplugged. You can keep rice in the WARM setting for several hours.
    NOTE: Do not prevent the rice cooker from switching to WARM and avoid depressing the SWITCH again after it switches to the WARM setting.
  9. Fluff rice with the scoop and mix in with your favorite ingredients like salt, pepper, butter or fresh herbs. If desired you can add minced vegetables such as corn or carrots or peas.
  10. Unplug the unit when done and always clean the rice cooker thoroughly after each use. NOTE: The capacity of your rice cooker will tell you how many cups of rice you can cook. It is not recommended to prepare instant rice in the rice cooker.


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