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Hopkins 11141144 Vehicle Wiring Kit manual

Hopkins 11141144 Vehicle Wiring Kit manual Image

Hopkins Vehicle Wiring Kit



  1. Locate vehicle Wiring harness, approximately 8 inches behind the rear bumper. The wires will Look like Fig A
  2. There should be 7 Wires exposed slightly from the tube. Using wire strippers, strip wires 1/4 from each end
  3. Join the harness Wires to the vehicle’s Corresponding wires see chart).
  4. Drill 1/8 hole in frame. Attach white (Ground) wire to vehicle frame with screw or attach to corresponding wire in harness. ISee Chart)
  5. Apply grease to all terminals to help prevent Corrosion.
  6. Replace oval plug shown in figure B. Replace it with This part 41144.
  7. Plug wire harness into 41144