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HOVERSTAR 10.421.006 B1 Electric Balance Wheel Scooter Manual

HOVERSTAR 10.421.006 B1 Electric Balance Wheel Scooter Manual Image

­U.S Patent No.: 10,421,006 B1



Our company aims to promote the safety of the Ele Balance Wheel. Our _10111I Like riding a bicycle or driving a cs the Electric eel is a potentially dangerous vehicle that requires an and mastery so please read all instructions in this ma th’ highly to educate and prepare yourself for riding

  • Before riding, always check the device’s tires for damage and sure all screws on the device are securely fastened tighten any loose screws.
  • Familiarize yourself with the safety procedures for charging, riding, traffic, storage, and shutdown for the device.
  • Never ride the Electric Balance Wheel if you feel it may endanger your safety or the safety of others
  • Do not modify the Electric Balance Wheel with other market ducts that may affect the motor, wheel, balance, or electronics of the device, as this may cause serious damage.

Before use, please make sure the rider is equipped with safety knee and elbow pads along with a helmet!
Before riding the Electric Balance Wheel, please ensure that you are within the following weight limits to avoid stressing or overloading the device.

  • Maximum 75kg/165Ibs
  • Minimum 20kg / 44 lbs.


The maximum range of the Electric Balance Wheel is subject to multiple factors, including:

  • Terrain. Smooth, flat terrain will increase the device’s range, while rougher, bumpier terrain will reduce it.
  • Weight. Lighter riders will be able to travel further on a single charge.
  • Environment temperature. Extreme hot or cold temperatures will reduce the device’s range.
  • Maintenance. Regularly charged and maintained batteries will last longer.
  • Speed and driving style. Keeping a medium, comfortable speed will increase the maximum range of the device, while frequent starts, stops, and abrupt turns will reduce it

The maximum speed of the Electric Balance Wheel is approximately 14 kilometers per hour or 8 miles per hour. When driving over the maximum allowable speed, the device may emit a warning alarm.


As mentioned, safety in operating the Electric Balance Wheel is important. Please familiarize yourself with the following instructions for an optimal experience.

Step Press the power button to turn on the Electric Balance Wheel. Step2. Place one foot gently on a pad to activate the device’s automatic self-balance systems. With the two pads flashing, step onto the Electric Balance Wheel, and transfer your weight onto the device as smoothly as possible. Step3. After the hoverboard is balanced, the Electric Balance Wheel will level out and remain stationary. Lean forward to make the device travel forward, lean backward to reverse, and put your weight on one side to execute a turn.
NOTE If you attempt to step onto the Electric Balance Wheel while the two sides are not balanced, a warning alarm may sound. Step4. On-the-spot turns may be executed by shifting one foot forward and the other back. Only attempt this after you have grown comfortable with operating the Electric Balance Wheel Steps. To dismount, decelerate until the device is stationary, then step quickly off to the rear with one foot, then the other
For your safety, do not attempt sharp turns at high speeds. Do not begin or end operation of the Electric Balance Wheel on a slope, as this may damage the self-balancing system or cause it to function incorrectly.

If the Electric Balance Wheel malfunctions or becomes compromised in any of the following ways, the device may alert the user with a warning indicator light and alarm buzzer.

  • Going over the maximum safe speed of 8 miles per hour
  • Battery near depletion
  • Body rocking back and forth for more than 30 seconds In addition, the device will automatically enter “stop” mode if any of the following occurs:
  • The device rotates in either direction more than 35 degrees
  • Tires become locked for more than 2 seconds
  • The battery voltage is lower than the protection value
  • Sustained, continued discharge of battery that may damage the device (such as pushing for too long up a steep slope)

If the “battery low” indicator turns on, do not continue to operate the Electric Balance Wheel, as it may affect the long-term life of the internal battery.

For your safety, please observe the following conditions when operating the Electric Balance Wheel, as it may affect the long-term life of the internal battery.

  • Please wear comfortable, casual sportswear and shoes without heels to ensure proper contact with the footpads.
  • Practice operating the Electric Balance Wheel in an open field, empty parking lot, or other familiar, flat terrain until you are proficient at starting, stopping, turning, and dismounting from the device.
  • Driving surfaces should be flat, with minimal slopes.
  • Avoid operating the Electric Balance Wheel near pedestrians and traffic. The Electric Balance Wheel is not street-legal and should n operate on roads where motor vehicles areopmitte


This section highlights appropriate safety le that you should become familiar with prior to rating Balance Wheel. Understanding the points outlined improves your safety and enjoyment.

  • Under no circumstances should you use the Electric Balance Wheel in situations where you are likely to lose control, get into collisions, or otherwise cause damage to yourself or others. Please ensure that the device is in good condition prior to operating, and carefully read and be familiar with this manual.
  • Do not use the Electric Balance Wheel as a means of public transportation. The device is meant for personal entertainment only.
  • Do not use the Electric Balance Wheel if you have a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, or if you are pregnant/nursing.
  • Do not use the Electric Balance Wheel while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other substances.
  • Always comply with local traffic laws when operating the Electric Balance Wheel.
  • Maintain awareness of your surroundings while operating the device.
  • Keep the soles of your feet in full contact with the pads at all times when operating the device.
  • Do not engage in any other activities while operating the device, including texting, listening to music, reading, or any other action that requires your hands and eyes.
  • Do not travel at high speeds in reverse.
  • Do not operate the device on a wet road, on ice, or in the rain or snow.
  • If you wish to use the Electric Balance Wheel in an area permission is required, secure permit first
  • Do not start or stop suddenly.
  • Avoid driving on a steep slope


Please adhere to the following instructions or good battery contained in the electric Balance Wheel
When the red indi or LE throws t the b very level inside t device is low, stop operating the device. Sustained use when the battery is low will result in the wheels locking, potentially damaging the device f either of the foil occurs, immediately stop using the . Noticeable smell o high temperature coming from the d2 2. Leaking of any ma 4941 Removal and maintenance ce of the battery sh be handled .y trai professionals. If you choose to dispose of a damaged battery, pl e note that lithium-ion batteries cannot legally be thrown out with the rash, but must be recycled and processed through proper channels. Con our local battery recycling center for the procedure.

To charge the Electric Balance Wheel, make sure the hoverboard is turned off. Insert the charger into the hoverboard’s charging po There will be no other lights on but the power LED light_ If the power LED light is red, this indicates that it still needs to be charged If the power LED light is green, this indicates that the hoverboard is fully charged and ready to use_ When the light is green, disconnect the charger to conserve battery life

Manufacturer: Jiangxi Fu Dian you pin Electric Co., Ltd
Model No.:FY0132940400
Manufacturer: Shen Zhen FuYuan Dian Power Co., Ltd
Model No.:FY0182940600
Manufacturer: COMING DATA CO., LTD
Model No.:CP2906
Manufacturer: Shenzhen YongLeTong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Model No.: YLT-CD294050US


Do not charge the Electric Balance Wheel if the charger or port is wet. Do not store or charge the Electric Balance Wheel in extreme hot or cold temperatures, as this will damage the battery and the internal electronics. Don’t throw it away When you don’t need or ap your hoverboard! It can be a risk to you and others Please return your hoverboard back to the lo ‘Cognized distributor, they can take this product for environmentally safe recycling.


  • Devices are not intended for use at elevations greater than 2000 Fr above sea level
  • Prolonged exposure to UV Rays, Rain, and the Elements May Damage the Enclosure Materials, Store Indoors When Not in Use

Must wear a helmet and protective gear such as knee and elbow pads. Not recommended for children under 16years of age, supervision is required for children between 7 to 16years old


Battery Power: DC25.2V/2Ah
Charging Time: 2-3hours
Operating Time: mutes
Voltage: 25.2V
Working temps c-40°c
Charging temperaAture:5°c-40°c
Stored relative htimidity:5°/0-85%

Customer Service: 1-877-276-7195
Email: [email protected]
WarningPlease fully charge before use the hoverboard.
WarningPlease do not charge more than 6 hours.