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iBEAM TE-2MPIR Car Camera Manual

iBEAM TE-2MPIR Car Camera Manual Image

iBEAM TE-2MPIR Car Camera Installation Guide

Part Components

  • Camera
  • License plate and surface mount
  •  Extension harness (27 FT)
  •  Screws


  • Wire stripper
  • Tape
  • Digital Multi-meter
  •  Cutter

When testing the aftermarket equipment, ensure that all factory equipment is connected before cycling the key to ignition.

Product Features

  •  Multiple mounts included – license plate and surface mount
  •  Improved power circuit
  •  Can be viewed while driving with compartible monitor
  • Ability to trigger IRs separetely from the camera’s power
  •  Water resistant – IP67
  •  3 year warranty

Multi-Mounting Options

  1. License plate mount
  2. Surface mount


  1. Connect the RED wire labeled 12V acc. to the vehicles ignition.
  2. Connect the BLACK wire labeled Ground to chassis ground.

Connect one GREEN wire labeled TRIGGER to the vehicles reverse wire

  • Applying 12 volts to this wire activates the IRs and Parking lines when in reverse.
  •  This wire can be used if reverse is needed at the opposite end of the vehicle, EX. activating rear camera on an aftermarket radio.
  • If not using the opposite end of the wire, please cover/cap off the wire so it will not short out and damage the camera.


  1. Run the extension cable to the front of the vehicle. (Figure A)
  2.  Connect the YELLOW RCA to the backup camera or video input of the monitor

    Figure A

This camera comes with two mounting options.

  • Behind license plate mount (Figure B)

    Figure B
  •  Surface mount (Figure C)

    Figure C

Using the two small phillips head screws on the rear of the camera, the mounts can be switched.

Photo shows camera in both mounting options, 1 camera in box.


Sensor CMOS II
Effective Pixel 648 X 488
Sync Frequency NTSC 60 HZ
Resolution 420 TV Lines
S/N Ratio More than 48dB
Current Consumption No more than 150mA
Power Supply DC 12V +- 10%
Operating Temp -22 ~ 176 F
Storage Temp. -40 ~ 176 F
Viewing Angle (Dia.) 170
Water Resistance IP67
Min. Illumination 0.5/F1.2 LUX – 0 LUX IRs on

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