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IKEA Hund Couture Frillneck Manual

IKEA Hund Couture Frillneck Manual Image

IKEA Hund Couture Frillneck Instructions


What you’ll need


  1. 1x  Sewing Machine

  2. 1x Pair of Scissors


  • 1x FRAKTA Bag

  • 1x 20cm Velcro

Optional Trimming

  • 1x FRAKTA Bag


  • 2x FRAKTA Bag

  • 1x 15cm Velcro

  • 3x 35cm armature wire (optional)

Pattern Piece

  • Available to download here

Frillneck Body

  1. Preparing your bag
    Cut lines at handle attachment of bags. Keep for later use. Body.
  2. Cutting body piece
    Lay your FRAKTA bag flat and cut along side seams.
  3. Cutting body piece
    Open bag up then refold along centre line.

  4. Cutting body piece
    Position body pattern piece along centerfold and cut to appropriate size. Fit and further trim to adjust design to your hund.
  5. Cutting belt piece
    Position belt pattern piece anywhere on the remaining bag and cut one side of bag to create single sided belt band.
  6. Creating and attaching belt loops
    Cut bag handle to the right width for your belt band to create your two belt loops. Then sew one on either side of body piece, attaching them by sewing only the ends to create a loop for the belt to be threaded through.
  7. Attaching chest fastening
    Attach and secure velcro to create chest fastening as shown. Ensure the loop (soft) side of the velcro is facing the dog and the hook (grippy) side is away from them.
  8. Attaching belt fastening
    Thread belt through the loops, fit and trim to comfortably fit under your hund’s belly. Remove then attach and secure velcro to create belt fastening as shown. Ensure the loop (soft) side of the velcro is facing the dog and the hook (grippy) side away from them.

Frillneck Neck

  1. Preparing your bags
    Cut lines at handle attachment of 2x bags. Keep for later use.

  2. Cutting collar pieces
    Lay FRAKTA bags flat. Position and cut pattern piece as shown on both bags to give you the 4x collar pieces needed. The bag’s side seams remain intact, saving you some sewing.

  3. Preparing neck pieces
    Cut small slits along the bottom collar pieces, as shown. This makes them easier to sew later on.
  4. Joining neck pieces
    Open out all four pieces.
  5. Joining neck pieces
    Pin and sew them together in a line as shown.

    OPTIONAL: If you want the neck piece to be more rigid, sew second row of stitching on your join to make a pocket to thread armature wire through.
  6. Shaping neck piece
    The outside panels of the neck piece can be trimmed to shape, cut on angle as shown. Trim the bottom to shorten and fit to it suit smaller dogs.
  7. Trimming neck piece
    Stitch IKEA trim from bag handles along straight bottom edge.
    OPTIONAL: If you’re using armature wire leave a gap where the 3 seams meet so wire can be inserted later.
  8. Optional trim
    Edge top corners with IKEA handles as shown. Fold and sew handles as you go to bend around corners. Requires two row of stitching, sew outside edge first, then inside edge.
  9. Finishing neck piece
    Take a long handle and position along the front, bottom section of the neck piece. Ensure equal lengths overhanging either side, then sew to secure. Measure the overlapping handles to comfortably meet around your hund’s neck before trimming and attaching velcro as shown, creating a fastening around the neck. Make sure the grippy side (hook) is facing away from your hund.

HUND COUTURE is designed to be worn on red carpets. To keep your dog comfortable make sure to find the right fit and always supervise your hand while they’re strutting their stuff.

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