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ILVE Induction Cooktop ILD9E Manual

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you are now the proud owner of an ILVE cooking appliance.
Thank you for purchasing ILVE and welcome to the exciting world of cooking the ILVE way.
This instruction manual has been specially created to inform you of the full range of features your ILVE appliance has to offer and serves as an introduction to the wonderful benefits of ILVE’s dynamic cooking systems.
We present detailed information on each of the advanced cooking systems built into ILVE appliances. Once you have read this section you will be able to choose the most appropriate settings for your appliance when cooking different types of food.
We ask you to read the instructions in this booklet very carefully as this will allow you to get the best results from using your appliance.


Precautions before using

  • Unpack all the materials.
  • The installation and connecting of the appliance have to be done by approved specialists. The manufacturer can not be responsible for damage caused by building-in or connecting errors.
  • To be used, the appliance must be well-equipped and installed in a kitchen unit and an adapted and approved work surface.
  • This domestic appliance is exclusively for the cooking of food, to the exclusion of any other domestic, commercial or industrial use.
  •  Remove all labels and self-adhesives from the ceramic glass.
  • Do not change or alter the appliance.
  • The cooking plate can not be used as freestanding or as a working surface.
  • The appliance must be grounded and connected conforming to local standards.
  • Do not use any extension cable to connect it.
  • The appliance can not be used above a dishwasher or a tumble-dryer: steam may damage the electronic appliances.
  • The appliance is not intended to be operated by means of an external timer or separate remote control system.

Using the appliance

  • Switch the heating zones off after using.
  • Keep an eye on the cooking using grease or oils: that may quickly ignite.
  • WARNING: Unattended cooking on a hob with fat or oil can be dangerous and may result in a fire.
  • Be careful not to burn yourself while or after using the appliance.
  • Make sure no cable of any fixed or moving appliance contacts with the glass or the hot saucepan.
  • Magnetic objects (credit cards, floppy disks, calculators) should not be placed near to the engaged appliance.
  • Metallic objects such as knives, forks, spoons and lids should not be placed on the hob surface since they can get hot.
  • In general, do not place any metallic object except heating containers on the glass surface. In case of untimely engaging or residual heat, this one may heat, melt or even burn.
  • Never cover the appliance with a cloth or a protection sheet. This is supposed to become very hot and catch fire.
  • This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
  • Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.

Precautions not to damage the appliance

  • Raw pan bottoms or damaged saucepans (not enameled cast iron pots,) may damage the ceramic glass.
  • Sand or other abrasive materials may damage ceramic glass.
  • Avoid dropping objects, even little ones, on the vitro ceramic.
  • Do not hit the edges of the glass with saucepans.
  • Make sure that the ventilation of the appliance works according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Do not put or leave empty saucepans on the vitro ceramic hobs.
  • Sugar, synthetic materials or aluminum sheets must not contact the heating zones. These may cause breaks or other alterations of the Vitro ceramic glass by cooling:  switch on the appliance and take them immediately out of the hot heating zone (be careful: do not burn yourself).
  • WARNING: Danger of fire: do not store items on the cooking surface.
  • Never place any hot container over the control panel.
  • If a drawer is situated under the embedded appliance, make sure the space between the content of the drawer and the inferior part of the appliance is large enough (2 cm).  This is essential to guaranty correct ventilation.
  • Never put any inflammable object (ex. sprays) into the drawer situated under the vitro ceramic hob. The eventual cutlery drawers must be resistant to heat.

Precautions in case of appliance failure

  • If a defect is noticed, switch on the appliance and turn off the electrical supply.
  • If the ceramic glass is cracked or fissured, you must unplug the appliance and contact the after-sales service.
  • Repairing has to be done by specialists. Do not open the appliance by yourself.
  • WARNING: If the surface is cracked, switch off the appliance to avoid the possibility of electric shock.
  • If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by a cable special set available by the manufacturer or his after-sale service.

Other protections

  • Note sure that the container pan is always centered on the cooking zone. The bottom of the pan must have to cover as much as possible the cooking zone.
  • For the users of pacemakers, the magnetic field could influence its operating. We recommend getting information to the retailer or of the doctor.
  • Do not to use aluminum or synthetic material containers: they could melt on still hot cooking zones.
  • NEVER try to extinguish a fire with water, but switch off the appliance and then cover flame e.g. with a lid or a fire blanket.



Technical characteristics

Type Total


Zones Diameter Nominal


Booster Power* Minimal pan


ZZ1209 7400 W Front lef
Rear left
Rear right
Front right
190 x 210mm
190 x 210mm
190 x 210mm
190 x 210mm
1600 W
2100 W
2300 W
2100 W
1600 W
1850 W
2300 / 3000 W
3000 W
2300 / 3000 W
1850 W
100 mm
100 mm
110 mm
100 mm
100 mm

* The given power may change according to the dimensions and material of the pan.

Control panel



Display Designation Function
Power level
Pan detection
Error message
Residual heat
Double Booster
Stop & Go
Keep warm
The heating zone is activated.
Selection of the cooking level.
No pan or inadequate pan.
Electronic failure.
The heating zone is hot.
The boosted power is activated.
The double boosted power is activated.
Control panel locking.
The hob is in pause.
Maintain automatically of 70°C
2 cooking zones are combined.


The cooling system operates continuously. He starts when turning on the hob and speeds up when the hob is used intensively. The cooling fan reduces its speed and stops automatically when the electronic circuit is cooled enough.


Before the first use

Clean your hob with a damp cloth, and then dry the surface thoroughly. Do not use detergent which risks causing blue-tinted colour on the glass surface.

Induction principle

An induction coil is located under each heating zone. When it is engaged, it produces a variable electromagnetic field which produces inductive currents in the ferromagnetic bottom plate of the pan. The result is a heating-up of the pan located on the heating zone.
Of course, the pan has to be adapted:

  • All ferromagnetic pans are recommended (please verify it thanks to a little magnet): cast iron and steel pans, enameled pans, stainless-steel pans with ferromagnetic bottoms…
  • Are excluded: cupper, pure stainless steel, aluminum, glass, wood, ceramic, stoneware,… The induction heating zone adapts automatically the size of the pan. With a too-small diameter, the pan doesn’t work. This diameter is varying in the function of the heating zone diameter.
    If the pan is not adapted to the induction hob the display will show [ U ].

Sensitive touch

Your ceramic hob is equipped with electronic controls with sensitive touch keys. When your finger presses the key, the corresponding command is activated. This activation is validated by a control light, a letter or a number in the display and/or a “beep” sound.
In the case of general use press only one key at the same time.


You must first switch on the hob, then the heating zone:

• Start-up/ switch off the hob :

Action Control panel Display
To start
To stop
Press key [I]
Press key [I]
[ 0 ]
Nothing or [ H ]

• Start-up/ switch off a heating zone :

Action Control panel Display
Zone selection
Increase power
Decrease powe
Press key [ O ]
Press key [ + ]
Press key [ – ]
Press key [ – ] or press
simultaneously [ O ] and [ – ]
[ 0 ]
[ 1 ] to [ 9 ]
[ 9 ] to [ 1 ]
[ 0 ] or [ H ]

If no action is made within 20 seconds the electronics return in the waiting position.

Pan detection

The pan detection ensures perfect safety. The induction doesn’t work:

  • If there is no pan on the heating zone or if this pan is not adapted to the induction. In this case it is impossible to increase the power and the display shows [ U ]. This symbol disappears when a pan is put on the heating zone.
  •  If the pan is removed from the heating zone the operation is stopped. The display shows [ U ]. The symbol [ U ] disappears when the pan is put back to the heating zone. The cooking continues with the power level set before.
    After use, switch the heating element off: don’t let the pan detection [ U ] active.

Residual heat indication

After the switch-off of a heating zone or the complete stop of the hob, the heating zones are still hot and indicates [ H ] on the display.
The symbol [ H ] disappears when the heating zones may be touched without danger. As far as the residual heat indicators are on light, don’t touch the heating zones and don’t put any heat-sensitive objects on them.  There are risks of burn and fire.

Booster function
The Booster function [ P ] and the Double Booster [ ] add a boost of power to the selected
heating zone.
If this function is activated the heating zones work for 5 minutes with ultra high power.
The booster is foreseen for example to heat up rapidly big quantities of water, like nuddles cooking.

• Startup / Stop the booster function :

Action Control panel Display
Zone selection
Increase power
Start up the booster
Stop the booster
Press key [ O ]
Press key [ + ]
Press key [ + ]
Press key [ – ]
[ 0 ]
[ 1 ] to [ 9 ]
[ P ] during 5 min
[ 9 ]

• Startup / Stop the double booster function:

Action Control panel Display
Zone selection
Increase power
Start up the booster
Start up the Double Booste
Stop the Double Booster
Press key [ O ]
Press key [ + ]
Press key [ + ]
Press key [ + ]
Press key [ – ]
[ 0 ]
[ 1 ] to [ 9 ]
[ P ] during 5 min[and P ]
[ 0 ] to [ P ]

• Power management:

When it comes to the power, the cooking zones are running by pairs and cannot exceed an overall maximum of power. If the selected heating levels for both zones exceed the maximum available amount of power, the power management function is automatically reducing the power from one of these zones. The display of this zone is first blinking;  the level is then automatically reduced to the highest suitable position.

Heating zone selected The other heating zone: (example: power level 9)
[ P ] is displayed [ 9 ] goes to [ 8 ] and blinks

Note: if the two left cooking zones are used at the maximal power level, the middle cooking zone is unusable.

The timer is able to be used simultaneously with all heating zones and this with different time settings (from 0 to 99 minutes) for each heating zone.

• Setting and modification of the cooking time :

Action Control panel Display
Zone selection
Increase power
To select « Timer »
Decrease the time
Increase the time
Press key [ O ]
Press key [ + ]
Press key [ O ] during 3s
Press key [ – ]
Press key [ + ]
[ 0 ]
[ 1 ] to [ 9 ]
Timer [ 00 ] min
[ 00 ] wents to 99,98… time increase

After a few seconds, the control light stops blinking.
The time is confirmed and the cooking starts until the time reaches [ 00 ].

• To stop the cooking time :

Action Control panel Display
Zone selection
To select « Timer »
To stop the « Timer »
Press key [ O ]
Press key [ O ] during 3s
Press key [ – ]
[ 0 ]
The remaining time
[ 00 ] then stops

• Automatic stop at the end of the cooking time :
As soon as the selected cooking time is finished the timer displays blinking [ 00 ] and a sound rings.
To stop the sound and the blinking it is enough to press any key.

Control panel locking

To avoid modifying a set of cooking zones, in particular within the framework of cleaning
the control panel can be locked (with the exception to the On/Off key [I]).

• Locking :

Action Control panel Display
Hob locking
Press key [ ]
Press key [ II ] and keep pressed
Then press key [ M ] 3 times
[ 0 ] or [ H ]
[ L ]

• Unlocking :

Action Control panel Display
Start Press key [ ] [ L ]

In the 5 seconds after start :

Unlocking the hob Press key [ II ] and keep pressed
Then press key [M] 3 times
[ 0 ]

Automatic cooking

All the cooking zones are equipped with an automatic cooking device. The cooking zone starts at full power for a certain time and then reduces automatically its power to the pre-selected level.

• Start-up :

Action Control panel Display
Zone selection
Activate the automatic cooking
Power level selection
(For example « 7 »)
Press key [ O ]
Press key [ II ]
Press key [ + ] until the
power level [ 7 ]
[ 0 ]
[ 0 ] Is blinking with [ A ]
[ 7 ] Is blinking with [ A ]

• Switching off the automatic cooking :

Action Control panel Display
Zone selection
Stop the automatic cooking
Press key [ O ]
Press key [ II ]
[ 0 ]
[ 0 …9 ]


This function allows using 2 cooking zones at the same time with the same features as a single cooking zone. Booster function isn’t allowed.

Action Control panel Display
Activate the bridge
Increase bridge
Decrease bridge
Stop the bridge
Press key [ ]
Press key [ ] between
the 2 cooking zones
Press key [ + ]
Press key [ – ]
Press key [Π ] between
the 2 cooking zones
[ 0 ] or [ H ]
[ 0 ] appears on the front zone
[ ∏ ] on the rear zone.
[ 1 ] to [ 9 ]
[ 9 ] to [ 1 ]
[ 0 ] or [ H ] on the 2 zones

Pause function

This function breaks all the hob’s cooking activity and allows restarting with the same settings.

Startup/stop the pause function :

Recall Function

After switching off the hob ( I), it is possible to recall the last settings.

  •  cooking stages of all cooking zones (power)
  • minutes and seconds of programmed cooking zone-related timers
  • Keep warm function
    The recall procedure is following:
  • Press the key [I]
  • Then press the key [ II ] within 6 seconds
    The precedent settings are activated.

Keep Warm

This function allows to reach and maintain automatically a temperature of 70°C.
This will avoid liquids overflowing and fast-burning at the bottom of the pan.

• To engage, to start the function « Keep warm » :

Action Control panel Display
Zone selection
To engage
To stop
Press key [ O ]
Press key [ U ]
Press key [ U ]
Press key [ + ] or [ – ]
[ 0 ]
[ U ]
[ 0…9]
[ 0 ] or [ 1 ] or [ H ]

This function can be started independently on all the heating zones.
When the pan leaves the cooking zone of the “Keep warm” function remains active for approximately 10 minutes.
The maximum duration of keeping warm is 2 hours.

My Function

After having set the cooking level and timer value for the zone, it is possible to memorize the settings on the same zone.

  • cooking stages of the cooking zone (power)
  • minutes and seconds of programmed cooking zone-related timer
  • Keep warm function
  • Automatic cooking function

• To register a memory program for a cooking zone:

Action Control panel Display
Zone selection
Set cooking level
« Timer » selection
Set the time
Memorize the setting
Press key [ O ]
Press key [ + ] or [ – ]
Press key [ O ] during 3s
Press key [ + ] or [ – ]
Press key [ M ]
[ 0 ]
[ 0…9] or [ P ]
Timer [ 00 ] min
[ 00 … 99 ]
Double beep
Registering validation

If no memorizing is made within timer validation the electronics return in cooking position.

Action Control panel Display
Zone selection
Activate the setting
Press key [ O ]
Press key [ M ]
[ 0 ]
[ 0 … 9 ] or [ P ]
Timer [ 00 … 99 ]

Cooking zone runs with cooking level and timer value registered in the memory program.


Pan quality
Adapted materials: steel, enameled steel, cast iron, ferromagnetic stainless steel, aluminum with the ferromagnetic bottom.
Not adapted materials: aluminum and stainless steel without ferromagnetic bottom, copper, brass, glass, ceramic, porcelain.
The manufacturers specify if their products are compatible with induction.
To check if pans are compatibles :

  • Put a little water in a pan placed on an induction heating zone set at level [ 9 ]. This water must heat in a few seconds.
  • A magnet sticks on the bottom of the pan.
    Certain pans can make noise when they are placed in an induction cooking zone. This noise doesn’t mean any failure on the appliance and doesn’t influence the cooking operating.

Pan dimension

The cooking zones are, until a certain limit, automatically adapted to the diameter of the pan.
However, the bottom of this pan must have a minimum of diameter according to the corresponding cooking zone.
To obtain the best efficiency of your hob, please place the pan well in the center of the cooking zone.

Examples of cooking power setting

(the values below are indicative)

1 to 2 Melting Reheating Sauces, butter, chocolate, gelatine Dishes prepared beforehand
2 to 3 Simmering Defrosting Rice, pudding, sugar syrup
Dried vegetables, fish, frozen products
3 to 4 Steam Vegetables, fish, meat
4 to 5 Water Steamed potatoes, soups, pasta, fresh vegetables
6 to 7 Medium cooking Simmering Meat, lever, eggs, sausages Goulash, roulade, tripe
7 to 8 Cooking Potatoes, fritters, wafers
9 Frying, roasting, boiling water Steaks, omelets, fried dishes, water
P Frying, roosting Boiling water scallops, steaks
Boiling significant quantities of water


Switch off the appliance before cleaning.
Do not clean the hob if the glass is too hot because they are risk of burn.

  • Remove light marks with a damp cloth with washing up liquid diluted in a little water. Then rinse with cold water and dry the surface thoroughly.
  • Highly corrosive or abrasive detergents and cleaning equipment likely to cause scratches must be absolutely avoided.
  • Do not ever use any steam-cleaner or pressure washer. Do not use any object that may scratch the ceramic glass.
  • Ensure that the pan is dry and clean. Ensure that there are no grains of dust on your ceramic hob or on the pan. Sliding rough saucepans will scratch the surface.
  • Spillages of sugar, jam, jelly, etc. must be removed immediately. You will thus prevent the surface being damaged.


When the symbol [ E 4 ] appears :

I) The hob must be reconfigured according to the following procedure :
Before you start the procedure :
– Make sure that there is no more pot on the hob.
– Use a pan adapted to induction.
– Disconnect the appliance from the electrical network by removing the fuse or turning the circuit breaker off.
– Reconnect the table to the electrical network.
– It is necessary to start the procedure within 2 minutes after the connection of the hob to the electrical network.
– Do not press the [ 0/I ] key.

II) Cancellation of the existing configuration :
1) Press the key B and hold down.
2) With your other hand, press key A during 2s.
Released the key A.
A “bip” sound.
A double “bip” means an error occurred.
If so, start again from item 1).
3) Press the key C, always with your finger on the key B.
A “bip” sound if manipulation is succeeded, if it
isn’t so, start again from item 1).
4) Remove your fingers from the touch control, then press again on key A during few
seconds, until blinking [ E ] symbols appear.
5) Wait until [ E ] symbols stop blinking.
6) After few seconds, [ E ] are automatically transformed in [ C ]. The existing setup has been canceled.

III) How to reconfigure the hob?
1) Take a ferromagnetic pot with a minimum diameter of 16 cm.
2) Select a cooking zone by pushing on the corresponding key.
3) Place the pot on the area to be set.
4) Wait until the [ C ] display becomes a [ – ]. The selected cooking zone is configured.
5) Follow the same procedure for each cooking zone with a [ C ] display.
6) All the cooking zones are configured once all the displays are turned off.
Please use the same pot for the whole procedure.
Never put several pots together on the zones during the setup process.
– If [ E 4 ] displaying remains, please call customer care.
The hob or the cooking zone doesn’t startup:

  • The hob is badly connected on the electrical network.
  • The protection fuse cut-off.
  • The locking function is activated.
  • The sensitive keys are covered with grease or water.
  • An object is put on a key.

The control panel displays [ U ] :

  • There is no pan on the cooking zone.
  • The pan is not compatible with induction.
  • The bottom diameter of the pan is too small.

Continuous ventilation after cutting off the hob :

  • This is not a failure, the fan continuous to protect the electronic device.
  • The fan cooling stops automatically.

One or all cooking zone cut-off :

  • The safety system functioned.
  • You forgot to cut off the cooking zone for a long time.
  • One or more sensitive keys are covered.
  • The pan is empty and its bottom overheated.
  • The hob also has an automatic reduction of power level and breaking Automatic overheating
  • The cooling can be insufficient. It is recommended to open the kitchen furniture back wall on the width of the cut out of the hob and plane the front cross member of kitchen furniture on the whole width of the cut out to allow an air passage under the worktop.

The control panel displays [ L ] :

  • Refer to the chapter control panel locking page.

The control panel displays [ ] or [ Er03 ] :

  • An object or liquid covers the control keys. The symbol disappears as soon as the released or cleaned.

The control panel displays [ E2 ] or [ EH ] :

  • The hob is overheated, let it cool and then turn it on again.

The control panel displays [ E3 ] :

  • The pan is not adapted, change the pan.

The control panel displays [ E5 ] :

  • Defective network. Control the voltage of the electrical network.

The control panel displays [ E6 ] :

  • Defective network. Control the frequency of the electrical network.

The control panel displays [ E8 ] :

  • The air inlet of the ventilator is obstructed, release it.

If one of the symbols above persists, call the SAV.


  • The materials of packing are ecological and recyclable.
  • Electronic appliances are composed of recyclable, and sometimes harmful materials for the environment, but necessary to the good running and the safety of the appliance.

  • Don’t throw your appliance with the household refuses
  • Get in touch with the waste collection center of your commune that is adapted to the recycling of household appliances.


The installation comes under the exclusive responsibility of specialists.
The installer is held to respect the legislation and the standards enforce in his home country.
How to stick the gasket:
The gasket supplied with the hob avoids all infiltration of liquids in the cabinet.
His installation has to be done carefully, in conformity of the following drawing.

Stick the gasket (2) two millimeters from the external edge of the glass,  after removing the protection sheet (3).

Fitting – installing:

The cut out sizes are:

Referenc Cut-size
ILD9E 810 x 490 mm
  • Ensure that there is a distance of 50 mm between the hob and the wall or sides.
  • The hobs are classified as “Y” class for heat protection. Ideally, the hob should be installed with plenty of space on either side. There may be a wall at the rear and tall units or an all at one side. On the other side, however, no unit or divider must stand higher than the hob.
  • The piece of furniture or the support in which the hob is to be fitted, as well as the edges of furniture, the laminate coatings and the glue used to fix them, must be able to resist temperatures of up to 100 °C.
  • The mural rods of the edge must be heat-resisting.
  • Not to install the hob to the top of a not ventilated oven or a dishwasher.
  • To guarantee under the bottom of the hob casing a space of 20 mm to ensure a good air circulation of the electronic device.
  • If a drawer is placed under the work, avoid putting into this drawer flammable objects (for example sprays) or not heat-resistant objects.
  • Materials that are often used to make worktops expand on contact with water. To protect the cutout edge, apply a coat of varnish or special sealant. Particular care must be given to applying the adhesive joint supplied with the hob to prevent any leakage into the supporting furniture. This gasket guarantees a correct seal when used in conjunction with smooth work top surfaces.
  •  The safety gap between the hob and the cooker hood placed above must respect the indications of the hood manufacturer. In case of absence of instructions respect a distance minimum of 650 mm.
  • The connection cord should be subjected, after building, with no mechanical constraint, such for example of the fact of the drawer.
  • WARNING: Use only hob guards designed by the manufacturer of the cooking appliance or indicated by the manufacturer of the appliance in the instructions for use as suitable or hob guards incorporated in the appliance. The use of inappropriate guards can cause accidents.

• A separation panel at least 20mm from the bottom of the cooktop must be included during installation to prevent access to the underside of the appliance. This panel can be made of any non-combustible rigid material. If the hob is going to be installed on the top of an oven, precautions must be taken to guarantee an installation in accordance with current accident prevention standards. Pay particular attention to the position of the electric cable: he must not touch any hot parts of the oven.


  • The installation of this appliance and the connection to the electrical network should be entrusted only to an electrician perfectly to the fact of the normative regulations and which respects them scrupulously.
  • Protection against the parts under tension must be ensured after the building-in.
  • The data of connection necessary are on the stickers place on the hob casing near the connection box.
  • The connection to the main must be made using an earthed plug or via an omnipolar circuit-breaking device with a contact opening of at least 3 mm.
  • The electrical circuit must be separated from the network by adapted devices, for example: circuit breakers, fuses or contactors.
  •  If the appliance is not fitted with an accessible plug, disconnecting means must be incorporated in the fixed installation, in accordance with the installation regulations.
  • The inlet hose must be positioned so that it does not touch any of the hot parts of the honor even.

This appliance has only to be connected to a network 230 V~ 50/60 Hz.
Connect always the earth wire.
Respect the connection diagram.
The connection box is located underneath at the back of the hob casing. To open the cover use a medium screwdriver. Place it in the slits and open the cover.

Mains Connection Cable diameter Cable Protection calibre
230V~  50/60Hz 1 Phase + N 3 x 2.5 mm² H 05 VV – F
H 05 RR – F
25 A *
400V~  50/60Hz 2 Phases + N 4 x 1.5 mm² H 05 VV – F
H 05 RR – F
16 A *

* calculated with the simultaneous factor following the standard EN 60 335-2-6

Connection of the hob
Setting up the configurations:
For the various kinds of connection, use the brass bridges which are in the box next to the terminal
Monophase 230V~1P+N
Put a bridge between terminals 1 and 2.
Attach the earth to the terminate “earth”, the neutral N to terminal 4, the Phase L to one of the terminals 1 or 2.
Biphase 400V~2P+N
Attach the earth to the terminate “earth”, the neutral N to terminal 4, the Phase L1 to terminals 1 and the Phase L2 to terminal 2.


Frequent loosening and screwing of the screws on the connection box risks damaging the efficiency of the tightness once screwed. It is therefore advisable to keep screwing and unscrewing to a minimum. Ensure that the cables are correctly inserted and tightly screwed down.

We cannot be held responsible for any incident resulting from the incorrect connection or   which could arise from the use of an appliance that has not been earthed or has been
equipped with a faulty earth connection.


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    (h) use of parts, components or accessories which have not been supplied or specifically approved by ILVE.
    (i) damage to surface coatings caused by cleaning or maintenance using products not recommended in the ILVE product handbook provided to the purchaser upon purchase of the ILVE product;
    (j) damage to the base of an electric oven due to items having been placed on the base of the oven cavity or covering the base, such as aluminium foil (this impedes the transfer  of heat from the element to the oven cavity and can result in irreparable damage); or
    (k) damages, dents or other cosmetic imperfections not afecting the performance of the ILVE in respect of an ILVE product purchased as a “factory second” or from display
    The Warranty does not extend to light globes used in ILVE products.
  • Domestic Use
    Each ILVE product is made for domestic use. This Warranty may not extend to ILVE products used for commercial purposes.
  • Time for Claim under the Warranty
    You must make any claim under this Warranty within twenty-eight (28) days after the occurrence of an event that gives rise to a claim pursuant to the Warranty, by booking a  service call on the telephone number below. Continued over…
  • Proof of Purchase
    Customers must retain proof of purchase in order to be eligible to make a warranty claim in respect of an ILVE product.
  •  Claiming under the Warranty
    Customers will bear the cost of claiming under this Warranty unless ILVE determines the expenses are reasonable, in which case the customer must claim those expenses by providing written evidence of each expense to ILVE at the address on the Warranty Registration Card.
  •  Statutory Rights
    (a) These terms and conditions do not afect your statutory rights.
    (b) The limitations on the Warranty set out in this document do not exclude or limit the application of the consumer guarantees set out in the Act or any other equivalent or  corresponding legislation in the relevant jurisdiction where to do so would:
    (i) contravene the law of the relevant jurisdiction;or
    (ii) cause any part of the Warranty to be void.
    (c) ILVE excludes indirect or consequential loss of any kind (including, without limitation, loss of use of the ILVE product) and (other than expressly provided for in these  terms and conditions) subject to all terms, conditions and warranties implied by custom, the general law, the Act or other statute.
    (d) The liability of ILVE to you for a breach of any express or non-excludable implied term, condition or warranty is limited at the option of ILVE to:
  • (i) replacing or repairing the defective part of the ILVE product;
    (ii) paying the cost of replacing or repairing the defective part of the ILVE product;
    (iii) replacing the ILVE product; or
    (iv) paying the cost of replacing the ILVE product.
    (e) Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and  the failure does not amount to a major failure.
    8. Defects
    Any part of an ILVE product deemed to be defective and replaced by ILVE is the property of ILVE. ILVE reserves the right to inspect and test ILVE products in order to determine the extent of any defect and the validity of a claim under the Warranty.
    *For your closest ILVE authorized service agent go to https://support.eurolinx.com.au/#/map/retailers
    All warranty service calls must be booked through ILVE’s Customer Care Centre on [email protected] or 1300 85 64 11 option 101012018

Warranty Card tear-off

Please complete and send to ILVE at REPLY PAID 83617

Last Name: First Name:
State: Postcode: Email:
Home Phone: Mobile:
Purchase Date: /                / (Please attach proof of purchase to validate warranty)
Last Name: First Name:
State: Postcode: Email:
Home Phone: Mobile:
Purchase Date: /                / (Please attach proof of purchase to validate warranty)

Australia National Telephone Number 1300 MYILVE (694 583) New Zealand Telephone Number 0508 458 369 ILVE showrooms are open Tuesday – Friday: 9 am-5pm and Saturdays 10 am-4 pm. Closed on Monday & Sunday


NSW & ACT (Head Ofice)
48-50 Moore Street
F 02 8569 4699
1211 Toorak Road
F 03 9809 2155
1/42 Cavendish Road
F 07 3397 0850
Unit 10/55 Howe Street
Osborne Park
F 08 9201 9188
TAS (Crisp Ikin)
3 Pear Avenue
Derwent Park, 7009
P 03 6272 7386
New Zealand
PO Box 11.160
Sockburn Christchurch
F 03 344 5906

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