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IPOWER Heat Mat Thermostat Manual

IPOWER Heat Mat Thermostat Manual Image

IPOWER Heat Mat Thermostat User Manual

The digital heat mat thermostats are designed to control temperature in hot and cold environments in order optimize crop-specific growing requirements. Easy to use, a digital display controls the devices’ output temperature, which ranges from 40 to 108 °F (5-42 °C). Depending on the user’s preference, the temperature can be toggled to display in degrees fahrenheit or celsius. Our digital thermostats feature a standard, three-prong ground plug and are compatible with all heat mats.


  • Place SENSOR Into the rooting area about 1 “-1 -1/2”
  • Position thermostat up and away from seedling trays and stray water . Do not submerge.
  • Plug Heat Mat Into thermostat
  • Plug in thermostat power cord and set maximum desired temperature.

Heat mat thermostat can also be used to control the temperature of many other appliances as long as they don’t exceed the, maximum electrical specifications stated above. Simply place the sensors in the area where the temperature needs to be controlled plug the appliance into thermostat, and set the desired temperature.


  • To adjust the temperature setting , press and hold ‘ SET ‘ button for 3 seconds to enter the temperature selection mode; press the ‘UP‘ or ‘ DOWN‘ button to adjust the temperature. Press’ SET‘ button again to select the displayed temperature as the target.
  • Press ‘SET ‘ button to display the preset temperature; current measured temperature will be shown when no button is activated.
  • To change unit display press and hold’ UP’ button for 3 seconds to display in Fahrenheit . Press and hold , ‘ DOWN‘ button for 3 seconds to display temperature in celsius. The appropriate Indicator LED will be lighted.
  • When the unit is plugged Into an electrical outlet, the ‘ POWER‘ LED becomes lit, the heat on only when the ‘HEATING‘ LED is lighted.
  • When the preset temperature is reached the’ HEATING ‘ LED will turn off and there is no power to the heat mat.

If the thermostat remains ‘on’ ( delivering power to the heat mat) for more than 5 consecutive hours , it indicates the desired temperatures are not being reached . To achieve higher temperatures the mat may need to be placed on a more insulated surface . Covering the seedling tray with a humidity dome will also help heat retention.
Do not Immerse controller or probe into water.
Do not exceed a total of 1000 watts of heating devices plugged into thermostat .


  • Works great for controlling plant or pet heat mat temperature
  • Accurate LED display in . i degree increments:
  • 1 degree Increments for temperature setting
  • Max Load: 1000 Watts,
  • Max Amps: 8.3A
  • 120V Input & output voltage
  • Temperature control range: 40 to 108 °F ( 5 to 42 °C )
  • Temperature display range: 32 to 140 °F ( 0 to 60 °C )
  • Saves current program after powering off
  • Includes power and load Indicator lights
  • Includes 3 prong grounded electrical plug


  • If thermostat shows “E1 “, it means that the actual temperature is lower than O degree Celsius or 32. 0 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If thermostat shows “E2“, it means that the actual temperature is higher than 60. 0 degrees Celsius or 108.0 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If thermostat shows “E3“, it means that the temperature sensor is not working properly. Please re-install the sensor.