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Jabra Wireless Headphones Elite 85h Manual

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Elite 85h

User manual
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Made in China

Declaration of Conformity can be found on www.jabra.com/doc


Thank you for using the Jabra Elite 85h. We hope you will enjoy it!

Jabra Elite 85h features

  • SmartSound: audio that automatically adapts to your surroundings.
  • Block unwanted background noise. Smart Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) for superior sound.
  • Exceptional music clarity. Purpose-built speakers offer a distinctly sharper music experience.
  • Power through your day. Get up to 36 hours battery life (ANC on).
  • Unmatched call quality. 8 microphones for enhanced call quality.
  • One-touch access to your voice assistant. Instant access to Amazon Alexa, Siri®, and Google Assistant™.
  • Certified rain-resistant durability. Go anywhere with a 2-year warranty against water and dust.
  • Personalize your headphones. Pair with the Jabra Sound+ app for SmartSound features, including customizable settings.

Jabra Elite 85h overview

Included accessories

How to wear

Adjust the headband so that the headphones fit your head comfortably.

How to charge

To charge the headphones, connect the USB  charging cable to the USB charging port on the right earcup. It is recommended to charge the headphones using the supplied Jabra charging cable, however, it is possible to use a compatible charger.

Right earcup

It takes approx. 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery. If the headset is fully out of battery, 15 minutes of charging will give 5 hours of battery.

Sleep mode

When the headphones are powered on, but not being worn, they will automatically enter sleep mode after 1 hour to conserve battery. To exit sleep mode, simply wear the headphones again, or press any button.

The length of time before the headphones enter sleep mode can be adjusted using the Jabra Sound+ app.
After 24 hours of sleep mode, the headphones will power down completely.

What the LED means

Right earcup

Power on
Battery full
Battery medium
Battery low
Battery critically low
Pairing mode
Resetting/Firmware updating

How to connect

Pair with a smartphone

  1. Wear headphones.
  2. Press and hold the Multi-function button on the right earcup for 3 seconds until the LED flashes blue and you hear an announcement in the headphones.
  3. Go to the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone and select the Jabra Elite 85h from the list of available devices.

Connect to 3.5mm jack port

Plug the supplied audio jack cable into the 3.5mm audio jack port on the headphones.
When connected to a device using the audio jack cable, the headset microphone and Bluetooth are disabled. If the headset is plugged into a smartphone, the smartphone’s microphone will be used for calls.
The volume and Sound Modes can still be controlled using the buttons on the headphones.

Right earcup

How to use

Power on/off

The headphones automatically power on when the earcups are rotated into the wearing position.

The headphones automatically power off when the earcups are folded flat.

Calls and music

  Right Calls & music
Play/pause music Press the Multifunction button
Answer call Press the Multifunction button,  or say ‘Answer’
End call Press the Multi-function button
Reject call Double-press the Multi-function button, or say ‘Ignore’
Adjust volume Press the Volume up or Volume down button, when listening to music or on a call
Next track Press and hold (1 sec) the Volume up button
Restart track Press and hold (1 sec) the Volume down button to restart the current track.
Press and hold twice to play the previous track.
Hear battery and connection status Press the Volume Up or Volume down  button, when not listening to music or on a call
Activate  oice Assistant (i.e.  iri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa) Press the Voice button, when not on a call
Mute/un- ute microphone Press the Voice button, when on a call
Left Sound Modes  
Cycle between Sound Modes: ANC,  ff, HearThrough Press the Sound Modes button
Cycle between Moments in Jabra Sound+ Press the Sound Modes button

Voice Assistant

The Jabra Elite 85h enables you to speak to Siri,  Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa on your smartphone using the Voice button.

Right Voice Assistant
Activate Voice Assistant (i.e. Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa) Press the  voice button, when not on a call

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) counters noise. It detects and analyzes the pattern of incoming sound, and then generates an antinoise signal to cancel it out.
As a result, you experience a drastically reduced level of surrounding noise.
ANC settings can be configured using the Jabra Sound+ app.

Left ANC
Turn on ANC Press the Sound Modes button to cycle through the available Sound Modes until ANC is announced.


HearThrough utilizes built-in microphones to enable you to pay attention to your surroundings and engage in conversation without needing to remove the headphones.
HearThrough settings can be configured using the Jabra Sound+ app.

Left HearThrough
Turn on HearThrough Press the Sound Modes button to cycle through the available Sound odes until HearThrough is announced.

Jabra Sound+ Moments

Moments are predefined audio configurations in the Jabra Sound+ app that are designed to suit the different moments of your day.

Left Moments
Cycle through Moments in the Jabra Sound+ app Press and hold (1 sec) the Sound Modes button to cycle through the available Moments in the Jabra Sound+ app


The headphones can be paired to two smartphones at once and can accept multiple incoming calls from either smartphone.
To pair to two smartphones, use the normal pairing process separately for each smartphone (refer to section 5).
Note: Voice assistant will be activated on the last paired smartphone.

On-ear detection

The headphones have built-in sensors that can detect when the headphones are being worn.

When listening to music, removing the headphones will automatically pause the music. Wear the headphones again to automatically resume the music.
When you are on a call, removing the headphones will automatically mute the call. Wear the headphones again to automatically un-mute the call. This feature is off by default and can be enabled in Jabra Sound+.

When the headphones are not being worn and you have an incoming call, wearing the headphones will automatically answer the call. This feature is off by default and can be enabled in Jabra Sound+.

Multiple call handling

The headphones can accept and handle multiple calls at the same time.

Right Multiple call handling
End current call and answer incoming call Press the Multifunction button
Put the current call on hold and  answer an incoming call Hold (2 secs) the Multi-function button
Switch between held call and active call Hold (2 secs) the Multi-function button
Reject incoming calls, when on a call Double-press the Multi-function button

Voice guidance

Voice guidance is announcements intended to guide you through setup or to give your headphone status updates (e.g. connection and battery status). Voice guidance is enabled by default.

Right Voice guidance
Turn Voice guidance on/off Press and hold (5 sec) the Voice button until you hear an announcement in the headphones.

Alternatively, use the Jabra Sound+ app on your smartphone to turn Voice guidance on or off. For the latest list of supported languages, refer to the Jabra Sound+ app.

Update firmware

Firmware updates improve performance or add new functionality to Jabra devices. Download the Jabra Sound+ app for firmware updates.

How to re set

Resetting the headphones clears the list of paired devices and resets all settings.

Right Reset headphones
Reset pairing list and settings Ensure the headphones are powered on and you are not on a call.
Then simultaneously press and hold (5 sec) the Volume up button and the Multi-function button until the LED lights up purple and you hear an announcement in the headphones.
You will need to repair the headphones to your smartphone.

Jabra Sound+ app

Jabra Sound+ app
Customize your music
Manage HearThrough and
Active Noise Cancellation
Register your
2-year warranty



View the FAQs on Jabra.com/help/elite85h.

How to care for your headphones

  • Always store the headphones in the supplied case.
  • To prevent the depletion of the battery lifetime or capacity, avoid storing the headphones in hot or cold environments, such as a closed car in summer, or in winter conditions.
  • When exposed to rain, allow the headphones sufficient time to dry. It may take up to one hour for the headphones to dry thoroughly and power on.
  • It is recommended to keep the headphones between 15°C and 25°C (59°F and 77°F).
  • Do not store the headphones for extended periods of time without recharging them (max. three months).

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