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Jabra Wireless Headphones OTE090 Manual

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Thank you for using the Jabra Elite Active 45e.
We hope you will enjoy it!

Jabra Elite Active 45e overview

How to wear

The earbuds are worn with the cable behind the neck and the earhooks behind each ear.

  1. Insert the earbud into your ear canal, ensuring the looped largely fits into the ridge of your ear, as illustrated.
  2. Shape the ear hook behind your ear for the best fit. It may help to pre-shape the ear hook before wearing it.

How to charge

To charge the earbuds, connect a USB charging cable to the USB charging port on the left earbud. It is recommended to charge the earbuds using the supplied Jabra charging cable, however, it is possible to charge the earbuds using a compatible charger.

It takes approx. 2 hours to fully charge the battery. If the earbuds are fully out of battery, 15 minutes of charging will give 1 hour of battery.
Note: Always clean and dry the USB charging port before charging the earbuds. It is recommended to recharge the earbuds at least once a month.

What the LEDs mean

How to connect

Power on/off

On: Press and hold (1 sec) the Multi-function button. The LED will flash green and you will hear a power-on tone.

Off: Press and hold (3 sec) the Multi-function button. The LED will flash red and you will hear a power off tone.

Pairing with a smartphone

  1. Ensure the earbuds are powered off, and then press and hold (3 sec) the Multi-function button until the LED flashes blue and you hear an announcement in the earbuds.
  2. Go to the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone and select the Jabra Elite Active 45e from the list of available devices.

How to use

Calls and music

Right Calls & music
Power on Press and hold (1 sec) the
Multi-function button
Power off Press and hold (3 sec) the
Play/pause music Press and hold (1 sec) the Multi-function button
Answer/endcall Press the Multi-function button
Reject call Double-press the
Multi-function button
Adjust volume Press the Volume up or
Volume down button, when listening to music or on a call
Next track Press and hold (1 sec) the Volume up button (smartphone only)
Restart track Press and hold (1 sec) the
Volume down button to restart the current track.
Press and hold twice to play the previous track.
Hear battery and connection status Press the Volume up or
Volume down button, when not listening to music or on a call
 Left Calls & music
Activate Siri, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa (phone dependent) Press the Voice button, when not  on a call
Mute/un-mute microphone Press the Voice button, when on a call

Voice Assistant

The Jabra Elite Active 45e enables you to speak to Siri or Google Assistant on your smartphone using the Voice button.

Left Voice Assistant
Activate Siri, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa (phone dependent) Press the Voice button, when not on a call

Multiple call handling

The earbuds can answer or reject calls when you are already on a call.

Right Multiple call handling
End current call and answer an incoming call Press the Multi-function button
Put the current call on hold and answer an incoming call Hold (1 sec) the Multi-function button
Switch between held call and active call Hold (1 sec) the Multi-function button
Reject incoming call, when on a call Double-tap the Multi-function button

Voice guidance

Voice guidance is announcements intended to guide you or give you earbud status updates (e.g. connection and battery status).
Voice guidance is enabled by default.

Left Voice Guidance
Turn Voice guidance on/off Hold (5 sec) the Voice button until you hear an announcement in the earbuds

Alternatively, use Jabra Sound+ on your smartphone to turn Voice guidance on or off.

How to reset

Right Reset
Reset the pairing list Ensure the earbuds are powered on and you are not on a call. Then simultaneously hold (5 sec) the Volume up button and the Multifunction button until the LED lights up purple. You will then need to re-pair the earbuds.

Firmware update

Firmware updates improve performance or add new functionality to Jabra devices.
Download Jabra Sound+ for firmware updates.

Jabra Sound+ app

Jabra Sound+
Customize your music
Manage voice prompts
Register your 2-year warranty


8.1 FAQ
View the FAQs on Jabra.com/help/eliteactive45e
8.2 How to care for your earbuds
• Always store the earbuds with the power off and safely protected.
• Avoid storage at extreme temperatures (above 50°C/122°F or below -10°C/14°F). This can shorten battery life and may affect the earbuds.

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