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JBL Professional CSS8008200 mm (8 in) Commercial Series Ceiling Speakers Manual

JBL Professional CSS8008200 mm (8 in) Commercial Series Ceiling Speakers Manual Image

JBL Professional JBL CSS8008200 mm (8 in) Commercial Series Ceiling Speakers


  • Item Weight 
    10.6 ounces
  • Product Dimensions 
    15 x 15 x 4 inches
  • Speaker Type 
  • Recommended Uses For Product 
  • Mounting Type 
    Ceiling Mount
  • Driver Size (dual-cone) 
    200 mm (8 in)
  • Coverage (2 kHz) 
  • Driver Continuous Power Handling
    15 Watts
  • Transformer Insertion Loss
    1.5 dB Maximum
  • Transformer Connection
    Bare wire
  • Brand


The ceiling speakers from JBL’s Commercial Series deliver outstanding performance for paging and background music applications. Even at modest tap settings, high sensitivity across the product line provides maximum sound volume. Model CSS8018 is a larger, more powerful 200 mm (8 in) speaker with a 10-Watt multi-tap transformer and an extremely high sensitivity of 97 dB. The speaker’s pre-attached triple-voltage transformer offers flexibility by enabling usage on distributed loudspeaker lines that are 100V, 70V, or 25V.

To improve power dissipation and long-term dependability, the drivers have a complete 25 mm (1 in) diameter voice coil with a Kapton coil-former and high-temperature wire. The speaker grille and transformer are already attached to the driver for ease of installation. Steel grilles are cold-rolled, painted, and zinc-plated. The normal 286 mm (1114 in) bolt mounting diameter is present on the 200 mm (8 in) variants. CSS back cans that match are composed of steel that has been powder-coated and zinc-plated. Before the speaker is installed, CSS steel pre-install back cans can be set up, connected, and checked.

What’s In the Box?

  • 4 pcs M4 x 40 mm sheet
  • Metal screws for attaching the speaker
  • Driver
  • Transformer assembly to the corresponding back.

Key Features

  • Affordably priced, high-quality dual-cone type ceiling speaker.
  • Pre-assembled speaker / transformer / grille assembly.
  • Suitable for most paging or background music applications, including retail stores, restaurants, schools, and other facilities.
  • Very high sensitivity provides maximum sound levels using minimal amplifier power.
  • Quality triple-voltage transformer (100V, 70V, and 25V).
  • Packs of six pieces contain individually packaged speakers for shipping non-pack quantities to the jobsite.

Commercial Series Ceiling Speakers

Frequency Response & Impedance
Transformer bypassed 10° off-axis (typical for coverage area), driver/grille assembly.



Tile Rale/Backcan Option

To mount any CSS 800 Series speaker quickly, get the optional tile rales. The optional matching CSS backs are constructed of powder-coated zinc-plated steel.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I have 8 of these for a conference room, do I wire them parallel? Also, these show as having 5w transformers, does that mean Id need min 40w amp? 
    Yes and no. Your amplifier has to be capable of 25v or 70v output, and you just wire them from one to the other, and so on this is NOT a 4-Ohm/8-Ohm setup with these speakers, you treat them like parallel lighting I wouldn’t put a 40w amp on 8 5w speakers, I’d use at least a 50w or more.
  • Are there ceiling tile speakers with volume control?
    Yes…perhaps as many as there are without volume controls…you could also add the control to any ceiling speaker lacking one. The control is called an L-Pad, which is basically a potentiometer…I checked options and costs online and they can run from $5.00 to $15.00 each.
  • Can be connected as two bare wires to the Amplifire? 
  • Do you need the baffle to install this in a ceiling? 
    My answer would be that it depends on the material that it is hanging from. Whenever this type of speaker is installed on a drop ceiling, you should always install an appropriate metal support frame to prevent the weight of the speaker to cause the ceiling tile to collapse, potentially injuring occupants. If ceiling tiles are exposed to a small water leak they will collapse quickly. If you’re going to mount it in drywall, make sure to use toggle bolts. Any ceiling-mounted speaker should have a backup cable type of support system in the event that the structure it is mounted to collapses. I have seen situations where water leaks have caused a collapse of a ceiling and the energizing of wet floor surfaces with 70 volts.
  • What wire should I get to connect these speakers to a phone paging system plus a music player? 
    Any gauge over 16 is fine, but you should make sure that you use speaker cables that have a minimum rating of 100 volts. if you want to do it professionally you can buy a shielded cable, and ground the shielding wire to the amplifier and ceiling grid. This prevents humming and interference within the cable.
  • Can someone recommend a bracket that would be a perfect fit for this speaker on a drop ceiling?
    I think the easiest would be to go to your local hardware/building supply company and buy a piece of flat aluminum or steel and simply cut the metal into 3 or 4″ lengths, drill out the diameter desired hole and thus create a “backing” that disperses the weight of the speaker sufficiently.
  • If I want to wire 15 of these together how big of an amp do I need? 
    It depends on which wires you use to connect the speaker wire. The speakers have a pigtail with multiple different color wires that you use to set the wattage at different levels. The speaker wire connects to the black common, and the red wire in the speaker wire needs to connect to one of the different leads on the pigtail corresponding to different wattage levels. If you connected them all to the 15-watt connector a rule of thumb is to add up the wattage of all of the speakers 15 x wattage settings x 1.25 extra for overhead and resistance from the speaker wires. So if you set them all to 15 Watts you would need 15 x 15 Watts x 1.25 = 281 Watts. That would be at the maximum volume level output by your amp. Remember that these need to be connected in series where each of the speakers connects to the next straight down the line with only one zone.
  • I will be buying the Yamaha – 200w 2-ch. stereo receiver – black. does anyone here know if this speaker will work with the Yamaha receiver? 
    Speakers should be able to handle twice the wattage of the amplifier so you don’t blow it up. This speaker has a 75-volt transformer in it. This part is a waste of money as you don’t want the transformer. Why would you hook up a $35 speaker to a 200-watt amplifier? Speakers are the most important component of a system.
  • How do I attach two of these to a computer? 
    In order to attach these to a computer, you would need to connect them to a receiver/amplifier and then connect the receiver/amplifier to a computer. I used a Bogen RM350D digital receiver tuner amplifier that I bought used and then used the Aux port to connect to my computer’s audio. Now I can listen to iHeart radio, Pandora, etc. on my computer and play it through the speakers.
  • Do The Speakers come with the braket or holder to hold it in the drop ceiling tile? 
    No..they don’t come with the bracket to hold them in the ceiling.

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