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KeTeR 17209238 Parcel Drop Box Manual

KeTeR 17209238 Parcel Drop Box Manual Image

17209238 Parcel Drop Box
Instruction Manual

Made in Israel by
Keter Plastic Ltd., 2 Sapir St. Industrial Area, Herzliya 46852, Israel
IMPORTANT: Please contact Customer Service Do you have any problems or discover any missing parts

USA & Canada:

1-18881-374. 4262
UK: Tel 0121-5060008
Fax 0121-4220808
Other European Countries:
Tel +31-1612-28301
Fax +31-1612-28322


Please check all parts and components to ensure that there are no damages or missing items BEFORE starting the construction of the product.


Please place a sticker prominently on the parcel drop box sl id, see example


Keter’s renowned reputation for fine products is a result of as dedication and commitment to austerity, design, and innovation. The entire range of sheds and boxes is manufactured from high-quality materials under rigorous control and supervision. In case a problem should occur, please address your claim to customer service either by phone or through our website: www.keter.com. The warranty is valid as of the date of purchase and a dated proof of purchase should be presented on request_ Keter continuously tests its products for durability & stability and will replace, at its discretion, any product or part which fails due to structural defect or faulty workmanship, or which fails due to fading of color, for a 2-year period from the initial date of purchase. Damage caused by: use of force, incorrect handling, inappropriate use, neglect, commercial use or use other than for personal or household purposes; damages resulting from alterat4on, painting, or assembly not in accordance with the User’s Manual and damages caused as a result of storage above the capacity load of the product, are excluded from this warranty. In addition, this limited warranty does not apply to damage resulting from exceptional effects! including, but not limited to, storms). After a claim has been settled, the guarantee Period will continue to be counted and shall terminate upon its expiry date. Keter shalt not be responsible for any damage caused by any reason whatsoever to goods stored in the Product. Please note that the products are produced from the finest raw materials, which are clear**: non-toxic, and completely recyclable.


In case of fire, do not attempt to extinguish any burning polypropylene with water. It is of utmost importance to assemble all of the parts according to the directions. Do not skip any step. Wear safety goog des and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using power tools. Us/ng a stiff brush or abrasive cleaner could damage the box. Hot items such as recently used grits, blowtorches, etc., must not be stored in the box. Not designed for carrying items. After the rain, wipe the box with a cloth before opening. Unsuitable for the storage of flammable or corrosive substances. Do not stand on the lid. TO prevent the risk of suffocation, do not allow children to play inside the box For domestic use.

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