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KOMODO 2 Layer Pop-up Tent Manual

KOMODO 2 Layer Pop-up Tent Manual Image

KOMODO 2 Layer Pop-up Tent

Assembly Instructions


  • Throw up the tent into an open area.
  • The tent pops up in 2 seconds.


Step 1

Fold both sides into the middle.

Step 2

Hold the sides together tightly.

Step 3

Pull up the tent and hold the edge with one hand.

Step 4

Bring the upper edge to the middle.

Step 5

As you push the upper edge into the middle the tent will begin to fold in on itself.

Step 6

Hold the tent on the ground and make it bend inward.

Step 7

Pushing it in forms a circular shape.

Step 8

Use the belt to hold the tent closed and place it into the carry bag.

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