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LawMate Palm-sized Wi-Fi DVR With Touch Screen PV-500Neo Pro Manual

LawMate Palm-sized Wi-Fi DVR With Touch Screen PV-500Neo Pro Manual Image

LawMate Palm-sized Wi-Fi DVR With Touch Screen

Names and Parts

  1. Battery Pack
  2. Battery Lock Switch
  3. Controller Port
  4. Charge – Green LED
  5. Rec – Red LED
  6. Wi-Fi – Orange LED
  7. Power – Blue LED
  8. Camera In Port
  9. Power / Wi-Fi on & off Button
  10. Rec on/stop Button
  11. Memory Card Slot
  12. DC 5V in Jack
  13. Reset Key
  14. USB Port
  15. Default Key
  16. Touch Screen

Package Content

image 1

Install and Remove Battery

  1. To remove the battery, gently unlock by switching LOCK switch to the right side and push battery in red arrow pointed direction.
  2. To install the battery, attach the battery to the DVR, gently push the battery in red arrow pointed direction. Lastly, don’t forget to slide LOCK swith to the left to ensure it is locked properly.

Battery Charging

  1. Connect the charger plug to the DC In Jack .
  2. Plug the power cord of the charger to an AC wall outlet. The charging starts automatically. The device can record while charging.
    • Solid green LED – the device is charging.
    • Green LED goes off – the device is fully charged

Connecting camera to DVR

To connect the camera, plug the camera’s connector end into , insert fully in to the socket and screw firmly in to place

  • Only to connect the camera to DVR when system is turned off.
  • Both camera and memory card need to be inserted to DVR to turn the system on.

Connect the wired controller to the DVR

  1. Plug in the Controller Cable into the Control port .
  2. Turn on the Controller, the device starts recording instantly. When turned off, the recording stops and device powered off.
  3. To turn on the device, slide the controller toggle downward and hold for 3 seconds.
  4. To turn off the device, slide the controller toggle downward again and hold for 3 seconds.
    • Solid green LED on Controller – the controller is connected.
    • Solid red LED on Controller – the device is recording

Connect the DVR to the computer

With the DVR powered off, plug the USB Cable into the USB port on DVR and the other end to the computer.

Format the memory card

  1. The camera must be connected to the DVR first.
  2. Insert the memory card into as the icon shown on the device .
  3. With device powered off, press and hold Rec button .
  4. And then press Power button for 3 seconds until you see the blinking red LED.
  5. Lastly, release both buttons at the same time.
    • Blinking Red LED + Solid Blue LED – the memory card is being formatted.
    • All lights go off – the formatting is completed.

Caution: To make the memory card recognizable, please be sure to format the memory card before using it for the first time. Please note that formatting on computer is not recommended, for it might result in the failure for the computer to recognize the card.

Date and time setting (for Windows system)

  1. From the desktop right-click to open Notepad, create a text file named settime.txt
  2. On the first line of the file, enter date and time information as year. month. day hours. minutes. seconds
    For example, suppose the time is October 16, 2015 15:00. Then enter 2015.10.16 15:00:00
    • There should be a space left between day and hours, and the time format should be of 24-hour clock.
  3. Save the file to the root directory of the memory card.
  4. Insert the memory card into the slot, and power on the device. The date and time setting is now completed.
    • When the date and time setting is completed. The settime.txt file should not be visible when you connect the device to the computer again.


  1. Power on: Press for 3 seconds.
  2. Recording: With device powered on, press to start or stop recording.
  3. Wi-Fi: With device powered on, press to turn on/off Wi-Fi.
  4. Power off: With no ongoing recording, press for 3 seconds.
  5. Reset: When the device functions abnormally, press .
  6. Restore default Wi-Fi password: long press for 4 seconds.
  7. Restore default setting : press for 10 seconds.
    • Solid blue LED – power on
    • Solid red LED – recording on
    • Blinking orange LED – device searching for Wi-Fi connection
    • Solid orange LED – device is connected to Wi-Fi The device powers off itself when memory card is full.

Download videos and photos from DVR

Knowing that all video files are stored in the memory card, you can process the following steps to download videos.

  1. Use a memory card reader to transfer files from the card to the computer.
  2. Or, connect the device to the computer with memory card inserted. Turn on the device and it will work as a flash drive.


LCD 3.0″ 960*480 TOUCH TFT
Video Spec.
Algorithm H.264, JPEG
File Format MOV, JPG
Video Recording Mode Auto/Manual/Motion Detection
Recording Capability 1080P /720P/ WVGA
Frame Rate Up to 30 fps
Wi-Fi Spec.
Wi-Fi Built-in Wi-Fi Module(IEEE 802.11b/g/n)
Wi-Fi Protocol RTSP
Storage & I/O
Memory Type Memory Card ( Support up to 32GB)
Data Interface Mini USB 2.0
Disguised Mode Stand-By, Power-Off
Date/Time Table YYYY.MM.DD, HH,MM,SS
Snapshot Snapshot image when preview and playback video
Power Input DC5V
Charging Time 240 min(700mA)
Battery Input DC 3.7V / 2200 mA Lithium Battery





Battery Lifetime

180min(1080P/Wi-Fi OFF/LCD ON)
220min(1080P/Wi-Fi ON/LCD OFF)
260min(1080P/Wi-Fi OFF/LCD OFF)
190min(720P/Wi-Fi OFF/LCD ON)
230min(720P/Wi-Fi ON/LCD OFF)
270min(720P/Wi-Fi OFF/LCD OFF)
200min(WVGA/Wi-Fi OFF/LCD ON)
240min(WVGA/Wi-Fi ON/LCD OFF)
280min(WVGA/Wi-Fi OFF/LCD OFF)
Recording Time 160min @ 1920x1080resolution ( 16GB Memory Card )