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LAZER Defender 2020 Plus Expedition Roof Rack Mounting Kit Manual

LAZER Defender 2020 Plus Expedition Roof Rack Mounting Kit Manual Image

Defender 2020 Plus Expedition Roof Rack Mounting Kit

Product Information

  • Product Name: Defender 2020+ Expedition Roof Rack Mounting Kit
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate

Included Tools

  • Socket Set
  • Allen Key Set
  • Spanner Set
  • Rivnut Gun
  • Drill Bit
  • Switch Hole – 20mm
  • Bracket Hole – 12mm
  • Cable Tie Hole – 3mm
  • Plastic Trim Tool Set
  • Centre Punch Tool
  • Ruler
  • Wire Cutters
  • Wire Strippers and Ratchet Crimpers
  • Cable Ties

Product Usage Instructions

Pre-installation Checks

  1. Ensure the vehicle’s battery is disconnected

Left-Hand Side Template and Right-Hand Side Template are provided at the end of the instructions for drilling and marking purposes.


  • 2x Linear Side Mounting Bracket (LH/RH)
  • 2x M8 Rivnuts
  • 2x M8 Bolts


  • 1x Linear-36
  • 1x One-Lamp Harness (1L-LP-220)
  • 1x Extension Kit (8213-2C)




Ensure battery is disconnected.


  • Step 1
    • Remove the rubber trim to reveal the T30 security bolts. Remove these T30 bolts (x1 left-hand side and x1 right-hand side).
  • Step 2
    • Slide the slat back to reveal the 8mm bolts. Remove these 8mm bolts (x1 left-hand side and x1 right-hand side).
  • Step 3
    • Slide the front of the rack off carefully.
  • Step 4
    • Mark where to drill (both sides of the roof rack) using the measurements shown or the paper templates provided at the end of the instructions (please ensure Page Sizing / Scaling is set to Actual Size or 100% scale).
  • Step 5
    • Drill a 12mm hole where you have marked on both left and right sides of the roof rack.
  • Step 6
    • Install the supplied M8 rivnut into the drilled holes and tighten with a rivnut gun.
  • Step 7
    • Assemble the linear side bracket and bolts as shown (Bolt, spring washer, washer) and install onto the roof rack.
  • Step 8
    • Install the lamp onto the roof rack using the security bolts included with the lamp.
  • Step 9
    • Install the front of the roof rack back onto the car and bolt into place.
  • Step 10
    • Plug the 3m extension cable into the lamp and run the cable down to the vehicle roof.
  • Step 11
    • Tidy the lamp plug by drilling a 3mm hole to cable tie the lamp plug.
  • Step 12
    • Re-install the roof rack slat and run the cable in between the roof rail and the roof ditch.
  • Step 13
    • Run the extension cable down to the engine bay by tucking the cable inside of the ‘A’ pillar trim.
  • Step 14
    • Remove all the screws holding the scuttle panel trim. Then, run the extension cable across the scuttle.
  • Step 15 – Relay Location
    • Mount the relay and connect the live and earth connections.
  • Step 15 – Wiring with Switch
    • Run the switch cable through the factory grommet. Drill a 20mm hole and install the switch.LAZER-Defender-2020-Plus-Expedition-Roof-Rack-Mounting-Kit-fig-10
  • Step 15 – Wiring with Splice
    • High beam trigger can be found on some models at the right-hand side headlight plug (Purple/Red wire). Please test the wires for a 12V signal beforehand.

Can Information
Where the vehicle has the LED Matrix headlight system as standard, it may not be possible to detect a 12V high beam signal. In these instances, it will be necessary to complete the electrical installation using a Lazer CAN Interface. For vehicle-specific CAN instructions, please download the CANM8 Cannect App.


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