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LEMON Lighting Your Way TM149 headlight Manual

LEMON Lighting Your Way TM149 headlight Manual Image

Lighting Your Way

Lighting Your Way




  • Do not shine directly into the eyes.
  • Keep out of reach of children or pets.
  • Do not short- circuit the charger or the battery.
  • Do not use or handle the device while charging.
  • Never crush or puncture the battery.
  • Never place the battery or device on, or in, heating units.
  • Do not dispose of battery or device in a fire.
  • Store device in a cool dry area.
  • Be sure full charge the light/battery if not use over 3 months.


product is covered by a warranty of ONE YEAR commencing at date of purchasing from an authorized LEMONLITE distributor. This warranty does not cover caused by deliberate damage, violent impact, unauthorized dismantling. Warranty service should only be undertaken by LEMONLITE or LEMONLITE Authorized Service Provider, if you attempt to repair or modify LEMONLITE PRODUCT by yourself, it will not be covered by warranty. Prior to your return, please contact LEMONLITE Authorized Service Provider or LEMONLITE directly at customerservice [email protected] to obtain a Return Authorization Number. All returned products must be packed carefully and enclose the warranty certificate (Proof of purchase) with instruction for repair.

MORE INFORMATION For more information about lemonlite products, please visit: www.lemonlite.net


Press the button once to turn the light on. The modes cycle in the following order: Middle LED-Side LED-Top LED-Spot light-All LED-Strobe – Off.
The lighthead is 180° adjustable for a better view angle.


Max Output 2300 Lumens
LED 3 x T6+2 x Q5
Run Time 2 ~ 14 hours
Mode Middle LED-Side LED-Top LED-Spotlight-All LED-Strobe
Battery 2 x18650 Rechargeable Battery
Waterproof Level IPX6
Weight (w/o battery) 166g
Dimensions 40mm(L) x 80mm(W) x 48mm(H)


Make sure full charge before the first use.

To charge your light:

  1. Turn the light off. 5V USB adaptor (Not include in package)
  2. Connect the battery to your PC via the USB cable or charge it via a wall outlet with a 5V USB adaptor.

Charging indicator:

During charging, the LED indicator on battery case shows charging status by Red/Green LED. Charging (Illuminates Red LED) Full Charged (Illuminates Green LED)


1 x Head Lamp 2x 18650 Battery 1 x USB Cable 1 x User Manual PC

This important Product information Guide contains safety, disposal/recycling, and regulatory information. Please read all safety information before using the products and accessories in order to avoid injury. As we constantly evolve and improve LEMONLITE products, specifications may change with little or no notice.
Thanks for choose Lemonlite products.