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Levenhuk Army Military Compasses AV10, AC20 Manual

Levenhuk Army Military Compasses AV10, AC20 Manual Image

Levenhuk Army Military Compasses User Manual

  1. Sight Glass
  2. Rotating rim
  3. Sighting Window With Sighting Line
  4. Bubble Level
  5. North Arrow (Compass needle)
  6. 360 Scale With Degrees
  7. Ruler
  8. Clinometer (AC20)

Levenhuk AC10

Levenhuk AC20

Levenhuk Army Compasses

CAUTION! Never use the lens to look directly at the sun, laser or another bright source of light, to avoid permanent eye damage and blindness.
With Levenhuk Army compasses, you can easily orient a map and set the directions for travel, easily determine where you are, and calculate the distance to your destination. Hold your compass horizontally so that the north arrow and the scale can rotate freely. Do not use your compass near metallic objects or magnetic devices such as mobile phones. These objects prevent a correct reading because the north arrow is magnetic as well. The kit includes: compass, chronometer (AC20), strap, pouch, user manual and lifetime warranty.Warranty: six months. For further details, please visit our web site: www.levenhuk.com/warranty/ Levenhuk reserves the right to modify or discontinue any product with out prior notice.