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LOREX 4K Ultra HD Active Deterrence Security Camera Manual

LOREX 4K Ultra HD Active Deterrence Security Camera Manual Image
LOREX 4K Ultra HD Active Deterrence 
Security Camera User Guide


Package Contents

  • 4K Ultra HD Active Deterrence Security Camera
  • Mounting Kit*
  • BNC / Power Extension Cable*
  • Power Adapter**
    * Per camera in multi-camera packs.
    ** A multi-camera power adapter that provides power to multiple cameras or individual power adapters may be provided depending on product configuration.


A REGULATED UL / CSA APPROVED power supply is REQUIRED for use with this camera (included). Use of a non-regulated, non-conforming power supply can damage this product and voids the warranty.

Using Deterrence Features

Use your Lorex app to manually activate the camera’s white light and siren features when connected to a compatible Lorex recorder.

Warning iconPREREQUISITE: Connect to your Lorex system using the app specified in your recorder documentation.

To activate deterrence features manually:

  1. Launch the app and tap your recorder to view connected channels.
  2. Tap a connected deterrence camera to open it in single-channel view.
  3. Tap (A) to activate the white light, or tap (B) to activate the siren.

NOTE: You can also set schedules and active areas of the camera image where the white light will be triggered automatically when motion is detected. For full instructions, refer to the app manual on your product page at lorex.com.

Installing the Camera

ATTENTION: Test your camera prior to selecting a permanent mounting location by temporarily connecting the camera and cable to your recorder.

Before Installing the Camera

  • Decide whether to run the cables through the wall / ceiling (drilling required) or along the wall / ceiling.
  • If you run the cables along the wall / ceiling, you must run the cable through the cable notch on the base. This will keep the camera base flush to the surface when mounted.

To install your camera:

  1. Set the camera in the desired mounting position and mark holes for screws through the camera base.
    NOTE: It is recommended to install the camera faced downwards in wall-mount position to avoid rainwater from accessing the speaker.
  2. Drill the holes, then feed the cable through the mounting surface or cable notch.
    NOTE: Insert the included drywall anchors if you are mounting the camera onto drywall.
  3. Mount the camera stand to the mounting surface using the provided screws. Make sure all screws are fastened tightly.
  4. Adjust the camera as shown below:
  5. Remove the vinyl film from the camera lens when your installation is complete.

A. ROTATING THE ARM: Loosen the adjustment ring by turning it counter-clockwise. Rotate the arm of the camera up to 180° in either direction, then tighten the adjustment ring. Make sure to adjust with caution, multiple full turns could damage the internal wiring.
B. BENDING THE ARM: Use a Phillips head screwdriver (not included) to loosen the adjustment screw. Bend the arm of the camera up to 90°, then tighten the screw.
C. LEVELING THE CAMERA: Use the screwdriver to loosen the adjustment screw. Rotate the camera until it is level with the viewing area, then tighten the screw.

Connecting the Camera

Connecting the Camera

A multi-camera power adapter that provides power to multiple cameras or individual power adapters may be provided, depending on product configuration.

* Images for representation only

Setup Diagram

Cable Extension Options

Extend the cable run for your camera depending on the cable type used. Additional extension cables sold separately. See table below:


  1. The extension cable must be a single stretch of cable between the DVR and camera. You cannot connect multiple extension cables to each other.
  2. Indicators that your cable run may be too long:
    • Camera loses video when switching to night vision.
    • Video is permanently black & white (even during day time).
    • Video is unclear, soft, or distorted.
  3. For more information on extension cables, visit lorex.com.



Safety Precautions

  • Read this guide carefully and keep it for future reference.
  • Follow all instructions for safe use of the product and handle with care.
  • Use the camera within given temperature, humidity and voltage levels noted in the camera’s specifications.
  • Do not disassemble the camera.
  • Do not point the camera directly towards the sun or a source of intense light.
  • Use only the supplied regulated power supply provided with the product. Use of a non-regulated, non-conforming power supply can damage the product and void the warranty.
  • Periodic cleaning may be required. Use a damp cloth only. Do not use any harsh, chemical-based cleaners.
  • The supplied cable is rated for surface and in-wall mounting only. Cables for floorto-floor installations are sold separately (CMR type). These and other cables are available at lorex.com.


  • For a full list of compatible recorders, visit lorex.com/compatibility.
  • To ensure that you are viewing camera video in full 4K resolution (4K monitor required), check the video output resolution of your recorder. For full instructions, see your recorder’s documentation at lorex.com.
  • Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.
  • This camera includes an Auto Mechanical IR Cut Filter. When the camera changes between Day/Night viewing modes, an audible clicking noise may be heard from the camera. This clicking is normal, and indicates that the camera filter is working


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