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LUX YARD LED Power Supply Manual

LUX YARD LED Power Supply Manual Image

LUX YARD LED Power Supply Instruction Manual

Please read the instructions carefully before using.

Ⅰ. Waterproof,Rainproof and indoor switching Power Supply instructions.

1. Installation and Using.

  1.  The grid voltage must be within the specified operating voltage range of the power supply , for example, input voltage is 170 ~ 250V,the power supply cannot connect 280V power grid.
  2.  Do not use under abnormal loads;Do not overload or very light load, power and load must be reasonable match
  3.  To creating a good cooling installation and environment for power supply.:
    a. Do not install the power supply in a high temperature environment
    b. As far as possible through the heat transfer in three ways
  1. Exposed to the flow air.
  2. Cooling space as large as possible.
  3. Install it in a large area of the metal plate, and make good contact, cooling through the metal plate.

2. Installation method steps:

  1.  In order to facilitate heat dissipation, please install the power supply to the large metal plate directly;
  2. Wiring must be firmly, remember that input and output lines do not reverse; Output “+” Connect LED “Positive” ; Output “-” Connect LED “Negative”
  3. Please check the line voltage is consistent with power supply’s working voltage with a multimeter before switch on.

3.Wiring diagram:

L                      Black                                       (+)      Red
N                    White                                        (-)      Black
GND               Yellow/green
The black outer jacket is the input wire, The white outer jacket is the output wire, Input live wire: BLACK Input neutral wire: WHITE
Input earth wire:                    YELLOW/GREEN
OUTPUT (+):                        RED
OUPPUT (-):                          BLACK

4. Installation examples:

(In the drawing, the unreasonable installation pattern has “×” mark)

  1.  The installation of poor cooling and the correct installation:

    Power supply can not be installed in a closed box                                                  Please make more holes on the box whenpower supplies installed in the closed box.

when installed indoors, heat radiation surfaces should face ventilation place.

Double-sided glass glue is a poor conductor of heat, the installation should first install the heat-conducting metal plate and then affixed to other objects.

(2) LED switching power supply installation spacing

Not good for heat emission                  When installed in parallel please keep 3cm distance between power supplies .

(3) The installation of Multiple power supplies in a metal box.

When a number of power supplies installed in one sealed box, please put thermal metal separator plate in the middle of them and put epoxy resin encapsulation in order to facilitate conduction heat.

(4) Non-normal ultra-light load application characteristics When the load of the power supply is too light, the load should be matched to the LED power supply: The constant voltage power supply must be connected with a resistor in parallel with the output. The constant current power supply must be connected with a resistor in the output to increase the load. (Refer to the product load characteristics for details)

(5)LED power supply can not be installed near the occasion of flammable and explosive

Ⅱ. Product use environment and storage conditions

  1.  Outdoor products can be used in: temperature -25 ℃ ~ +50 ℃; relative humidity of 100%
  2.  Indoor products can be used in: -10 ℃ ~ +50 ℃; relative humidity of not more than 90%
  3.  Products can be stored in: temperature -10 ℃ ~ +60 ℃; relative humidity less than 85%