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LUXOR BGGP800 Bluetooth Speaker Manual

LUXOR BGGP800 Bluetooth Speaker Manual Image

LUXOR BGGP800 Bluetooth Speaker Instructions

Safety Instructions

  • To protect against the risk of electrical shock/malfunction, do not put the Speaker or its USB Cable in water/liquids / heat / direct sunlight.
  • Children must never play with the Speaker.
  • Stop using the Speaker if the USB Cable is damaged / the Speaker has been dropped/ damaged / liquid has entered the inside of the Speaker. Unplug the USB Cable from the USB port if a fault is detected and contact our customer service for examination.
  • Do not try to repair the Speaker yourself. For safety reasons, only authorized service personnel are permitted to carry out repairs and fit replacement parts to the Speaker.
  • When disconnecting the Speaker from the USB plug, pull the plug, not the USB Cable.
  • Make sure the USB Cable does not get pinched.
  • Switch off the Speaker when it is not in use.
  • Condensation may occur if the Speaker gets really cold (e.g. during transportation in the winter). Wait for two hours to let the Speaker reach room temperature before you use the Speaker.


  1. Power output
  2. Power input
  3. TF card port
  4. Aux in port
  5. Play / Pause / status indicator
  6. Volume -/ Backward
  7. Volume +/ Forward
  8. Hanging hole
  9. Mode button
  10. EQ mode button
  11. Power button
  12. Power bank button
  13. Battery Indicator
  14. Bluetooth / Mobile hands free


Get Started

  1. Long press Power button to power on/off the speaker.
  2. Each time to power on the speaker, the speaker volume will be around 25%. The default working mode is Bluetooth mode.

Bluetooth Mode

  1. Power on the speaker and enter into Bluetooth mode. The light indicator will twinkle in blue.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth function of your mobile/other devices, start to search for Bluetooth devices, the “BGGP800” will be found, press to connect it. When connected, the speaker will prompt and the light indicator will stop twinkling in blue.
    Note: Short press the Bluetooth button can enter the Bluetooth mode directly.
  3. Turn on the mobile or other devices’ music player, the speaker will play the selected music.
  4. The speaker will pair with the latest Bluetooth device automatically when devices are in the pairing range. Long press the Bluetooth button to disconnect the current Bluetooth connection.
  5. Play/Pause button:
    Short press to play/pause.
  6. Volume -/ Backward button:
    Short press to previous track;
    Long press to decrease the volume.
  7. Volume +/ Forward button:
    Short press to next track;
    Long press to increase the volume.

Mobile Hands-free (in Bluetooth Mode)

  1. Answer the call
    Short Press Bluetooth button to answer the call.
  2. End the call
    Short press Bluetooth button again to end the call.
  3. Redial the call
    Double press Bluetooth button can dial back the last phone call.
  4. Private call
    Short press + or – to switch the call between the speaker and mobile phone.
  5. Reject call
    Long press Bluetooth button to reject the call.

TWS function (in Bluetooth Mode)

  1. Power on two BGGP800, ensure both speakers are waiting to pair.
  2. Long press the Mode button on either speaker to enter the TWS pairing mode. The indicator light will flash in blue and green color alternately.
  3. Once two speakers are paired, the speaker you pressed is the main speaker, whose indicator flashes in blue. The other one whose indicator lights in green is the slave speaker. The two speakers can play the same music in TWS mode after connecting successfully.
  4. Long press the M button on either one speaker to disconnect the TWS pairing.
  5. Double short press the M button to clear the TWS pairing memory.

AUX in Mode

  1. Use the included 3.5mm audio cable to connect the speaker to an audio source (PC, MP3/MP4, mobile phone).
  2. Short press the Mode button to enter AUX in mode. The speaker will play the music from the audio source.
    Note: Suggest use the branded adaptor (5V 2A) to charge the speaker when the speaker connects to the PC via the Aux In cable to play music.
  3. Short press the Play/Pause button, the music will be mute on the speaker. But the audio source is playing the music.

TF card Mode

  1. Inserting the TF card into the speaker, short press the Mode button to enter the TF card mode, the speaker will play the TF card music directly.
    Note: Support up to 32G TF card; support the audio format MP3, WMA, WAV,APE,FLAC.
  2. Play/Pause button:
    Short press to play/pause;
    Long press to switch the playing mode: repeat all/ repeat one.
  3. Volume -/ Backward button:
    Short press to previous track;
    Long press to decrease the volume;
    Double short press to the previous folder of the TF card .
  4. Volume +/ Forward button:
    Short press to next track;
    Long press to increase the volume;
    Double short press to the next folder of the TF card.
  5. Card reader: Connect the speaker to the computer by the included USB cable, and power off the speaker. The speaker will enter the card reader mode, the TF card can be read and written on the computer directly.

Equalizer EQ

  1. The default EQ is standard,
  2. Short press EQ button to switch to Bass mode, press again switch to Treble mode. (Normal – Bass – Treble)

Power bank

  1. Power off the speaker, connect the speaker to the mobile phone or other digital devices via a USB cable.
  2. Press the Power bank button to start charging.
    Note: The max output current at 2.1A.
    Note: The speaker can work as a power bank only in power-off status.

Charging the speaker:

  1. When the battery is low, the speaker will prompt.
  2. Charge the battery by a USB adaptor immediately. When fully charged, the four battery indicators lit up.
    Note: Suggest use the adaptor specification at 5V/2A


Product Name BGGP800
Battery DC 7.4V, 4400 mAh, 32.56 Wh
Power Supply 40 W RMS
Battery Charging Time 6 hours (5V/2A)
Battery Playback Time Up to 10 hours
Bluetooth Range 10 meters
Bluetooth Version V 5.0
IP code IPX4
Dimensions 283 x 138 x 145 mm
Weight 2.04 kg


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Law and Safety
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