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MacBook Air Thunderbolt 3 Manual

MacBook Air Thunderbolt 3 Manual Image
MacBook Air User Guide

Welcome to your MacBook Air
MacBook Air automatically starts up when you lift the lid. Setup Assistant helps get you up and running.

Touch ID
Your fingerprint can unlock MacBook Air and make purchases from the App Store, the Apple TV app, Apple Books, and websites using Apple Pay.

Multi-Touch trackpad gestures
Brush with two fingers on the trackpad to scroll up, down, or sideways. Swipe with two fingers to flip through web pages and documents. Click with two fingers to right-click. You can also click and then press deeper on the trackpad to Force click text and reveal more information. To learn more, choose System Preferences in the Dock, then click Trackpad.

Get the MacBook Air Essentials guide
Learn more about setting up and using your MacBook Air in the MacBook Air Essentials guide. To view the guide, go to support.apple.com/guide/macbook-air.

For detailed information, go to support.apple.com/mac/macbook-air. To contact Apple, go to support.apple.com/contact.

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