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MerlyanBath Single Square Bath screen MB2 Manual

MerlyanBath Single Square Bath screen MB2 Manual Image

MerlyanBath Single Square Bath screen Installation Guide


Please familiarise yourself with the fitting instructions before commencing fitting.

  1. Check that you have the tools required
  2. Check that the installation site is compatible with size of screen supplied
  3. Check all the bath screen components
  4. Check that the installation kit is complete

DO NOT attempt to install the product unless you can tick ALL 4 boxed as satisfactory.
The wall plugs supplied with the installation kit are for use in solid walls.
Hollow or “stud – patrition” walls will require alternative fixings. Please consult a hardware supplier for the correct type.
It may also be necessary to consult you tiling supplier about the correct method for drilling your tiles.


Any parts missing or damaged must be reported to your supplier within 5 days of purchase.
Inspect fitting area before fitting. No claims will be accepted after product had been installed.



Fixing Kit components pats shown are not to scale

Tools required

  • Omm Masonry drill bit
  • Power drill
  • Quality silicone
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • #2 Philips head screw driver
  • Spirit level with horizontal and vertical level indicators

IMPORTANT – Installation Site

  1. Ensure your bath is level before fitting.This screen is not designed to fit on baths with stepped fronts, roll top rims or integral soap dishes.
  2. The tiling or other wall finishing should be effectively sealed at the bath edges.


  1. Silicone on flat piece of bracket B MOBY001L/R , and then insert into the round upright profile.                                                                              
  2. Unscrew one of the brackets A BSYS021 and insert the moving panel A,reattached the brackets A. Ensure the brackets BSYS021 are facing in the correct direction. Fig 3.    NOTE: Ensure when screen is opened and closed it rises up (i.e. rising butt hinge is only on one end).                                                                             
  3. Position the wall profile LR8387C so the seal on the moving panel sits on the inside edge of the bath. Fig 4.                                                                   
  4. Plumb the wall profiles LR8387C using the vertical element of the spirit level. Mark 3 holes, drill with 6mm masonry bit and fit wall plugs 2SP12. Using the 3 Screw 2SY51, fix wall profiles to wall. Fig 5. NOTE: Only silicone the wall profile after fixing to the wall (see sealing section). Do not silicone on the back of the wall profile before fixing to the wall.
  5. Insert the screen into the wall profile. Ensure the bottom seal on the moving panel A is parallel to the top surface of the bath.
  6. Drill 3 holes through the wall profile and fixed panel using a 3mm steel drill bit. Using the Screws 2SY50, and screw cover caps 2SS008 and screw cover caps clips 2SS009, fix the hinge upright to the wall profile in 3 places. Fig 5.                      
  7. Ensure the deflector on the seal is positioned on the inside. Make a cut on one of the bottom corners of the seal to ensure a correct fit against the hinge bracket – see circled area in. Fig 7                                                                             
  8. Fix the wall profile cover MOBY002L/R. FIG 8

Sealing. Fig 6
Inside (dashed line):
When installation is complete seal the joint between the wall profile and the wall, top to bottom on the inside only. DO NOT SEAL where the wall profile sits on the Bath.
Outside (full line)
From outside the screen, SEAL where the wall profile and hinge bracket sit on the bath. Seal 50mm up where the wall profile meets the wall and where the hinge upright and the wall profile over lap.

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