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Mi Air Purifier Pro H Manual

Mi Air Purifier Pro H Manual Image

Mi Air Purifier Pro H
User Manual


  • When the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced with a genuine power cord purchased from the manufacturer or after-sales service department.
  • This appliance can be used by children aged 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved.
  • Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance
    shall not be made by children without supervision.
  • Turn off and unplug the purifier before moving it.
  • The purifier cannot turn on when the fan grille and the filter compartment cover are not installed properly.
  • Maintain a distance of at least 20 cm between the air inlets and walls or other objects.
  • Prior to cleaning or other maintenance, the appliance must be disconnected from the supply mains.
  • Frequently remove dust, hair, and other particles from the outer mesh screen of the filter, so as to reduce the chance of bacteria growth.
  • Remove dust, hair, and particles from the purifier’s air inlets to prevent a reduction of air intake.
  •  Cover the air outlet to prevent dust, hair, and other particles from falling in when the purifier is left unused for a long time.
    To avoid fire, electric shocks, or other damage, use the power cord and electrical outlet as instructed below:
  • Do not excessively pull, twist or bend the power cord, as this may expose or break the cord’s core.
  • The power cord must be plugged into a suitable electrical outlet.
  • Use the power cord that was provided with the purifier, do not use any third-party power cords.
  • Always unplug the purifier before carrying out maintenance or moving the air purifier.
  • Immediately stop using the purifier when it makes unusual sounds, gives off bad odors, overheats, or its fan rotates irregularly.
  • Do not stick your fingers or foreign objects into the protective parts, movable parts, air inlets, or air outlets.
  • Keep objects such as hairs or fabrics away from the purifier to avoid blocking the air inlets or air outlets.
  • Do not sit on, lean on or tilt the purifier.
  •  When using in conjunction with gas-fueled appliances (such as gas stoves, gas heaters), please ventilate sufficiently to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Do not pour liquids, nor throw powders or other small substances into the purifier’s air outlet.
  • Make sure no inflammable objects get into the purifier.
    Do not use the purifier in the following circumstances, as they may result in electric shocks, fire, or other damage:
  • Near open flames, such as candles, incense burners, stoves, fireplaces, cigarettes, firecrackers, lighters, multi-purpose torches, candle lighters, or fire pans.
  • Near appliances that generate high temperatures, such as electric heaters, fan heaters, electric foot warmers, electric stoves, electric irons.
  • In unstable locations where the purifier can easily fall over.
  • In environments that are extremely hot, humid, or damp, such as bathrooms.

Product Overview

Read this manual carefully before use, and retain it for future reference.

Note: Illustrations of the product, accessories, and user interface in this user manual are for reference purposes only. The actual product and functions may vary due to product enhancements.



Opening the filter compartment

Press the buckle to open the filter compartment, and make sure the filter is installed correctly.

Placing the purifier in a suitable location

For optimal performance, make sure the distances between the purifier and objects such as walls meet the
requirements as suggested below.

* The purifier is equipped with a sensor in the back. It is recommended to maintain a certain distance between the rear and objects such as walls during use.

Connecting to an outlet

Connect the power cord to the port at the bottom of the purifier, and then plug it into an outlet.

Note: It is recommended to keep doors and windows closed for a better purifying effect when using the purifier.


Turning On/Off & Switching Mode

To turn on the purifier or change the mode, press the button. To turn off the purifier, press and hold the button for 2 seconds.

Adjusting Brightness

To adjust the brightness, press the button.

Resetting Wi-Fi

If your phone is unable to connect with the purifier, simultaneously press and hold the Power/Mode and the Brightness Adjustment buttons for five seconds. Once you hear a beep, the Wi-Fi connection has been reset successfully.

Connect with Mi Home / Xiaomi Home App
This product works with Mi Home / Xiaomi Home app*. Control your device with the Mi Home / Xiaomi Home app.


Scan the QR code to download and install the app. You will be directed to the connection setup page if the app is installed already. Or search “Mi Home / Xiaomi Home” in the App Store to download and install it.
Open the Mi Home / Xiaomi Home app, tap “+” on the upper right and then follow prompts to add your device.
*The app is referred to as the Xiaomi Home app in Europe (except for Russia). The name of the app displayed on your device should be taken as the default.
Note: The version of the Mi Home app might have been updated, please follow the instructions based on the current app version.

Care and Maintenance

Filter Status Notifications

1.Filter Installation Notification
No filter detected, or the installed filter is not genuine.

2. Filter Life Notification
When the purifier detects that the filter’s service life is less than 10%, either unplug and plug in the power cord again then turn on the purifier, or open and close the filter compartment then turn on the purifier, the filter’s remaining service life (in %) will appear on the display.

3. Filter Replacement Notification
It is recommended to replace the filter every 10–14 months of use. If its service life is 10%
or less, the display will show the remaining service life (in %) each time the purifier is turned on.

Note: The filter may produce odors when it absorbs excessive harmful gases. It is recommended to store the filter in a place with good lighting and ventilation to improve the activity of the activated carbon and restore its particle adsorption capacity. Please replace the filter when its recommended service life is due.

Open the filter compartment panel and horizontally pull the strap to remove the filter.

Note: Refer to the Filter Replacement instructions on the inside of the filter compartment cover.

Make sure the purifier is turned off and unplugged.

Cleaning the laser particle sensor
Use a non-sharp tool to open the cover of the laser particle sensor, then use an air blow gun or hairdryer to clean the sensor and the filter on the cover, as illustrated in the figure.

Note: Do not use hot air.

Cleaning the filter compartment
Use a vacuum cleaner or a soft cloth to remove any dust from the air inlets or the filter compartment, so as to
ensure optimal ventilation and purification.

Note: It is forbidden to directly rinse or spray the purifier with water. Do not wipe the purifier with a soaking wet cloth to prevent water from getting into it.


Name Mi Air Purifier Pro H Rated Voltage 100-240 V Clean Air Delivery Rate
(CADR Particles)
600 m3/h
Model AC-M13-SC Rated
50/60 Hz Formaldehyde Clean Air
Delivery Rate
(CADR Formaldehyde)
250 m3/h
310. 310. 738 mm Rated Power 70 W Particle Purification
Net Weight Approx. 9.6 kg Noise Level s65 dB(A) Formaldehyde
Purification Efficiency
Area Efficiency 200 m2/h * Color White Network Standby Power Consumption < 2.0 W
Wireless Connectivity Wi-Fi IEEE 80211 b/g/n 2.4 GHz
RF Specification:
Wi-H 2.4 G (2400-2483.5 MHz), Max. RF Output Power c20 dBm
RFID (13.56 MHz), Max. Magnetic Field Strength: c60 dBuA/m@10 m
Under normal use conditions, this equipment should be kept at a separation distance of at least 20cm
between the antenna and the body of the user.

* Calculated according to standard GB/T 18801-2015

Regulatory Compliance Information

Europe — EU declaration of conformity

Hereby, Beijing Smartmi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. declares that the radio equipment type AC-M13-SC is in compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU. The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at the following internet address: http://www.mi.com/global/service/support/declaration.html

Disposal and recycling information
All products bearing this symbol are waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE as in directive 2012/19/EU) which should not be mixed with unsorted household waste. Instead, you should protect human health and the environment by handing over your waste equipment to a designated collection point for the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment, appointed by the government or local authorities. Correct disposal and recycling will help prevent potential negative consequences to the environment and human health. Please contact the installer or local authorities for more information about the location as well
as terms and conditions of such collection points.

Manufactured by: Beijing Smartmi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
(a Mi Ecosystem company)
Address:Room 201-203, Unit 6, Building A, No. 66,Zhufang Road, Qinghe, Haidian District, Beijing
For further information, please go to www.mi.com
For detailed e-manual, please go to www.mi.com/global/service/userguide

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