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Miele G7154SCVI Fully Integrated Dishwashers Manual

Miele G7154SCVI Fully Integrated Dishwashers Manual Image

Installation drawings for fully integrated dishwashers

To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the dishwasher please observe this installation sheet and read the operating instruction manual supplied with it before it is installed or used for the first time.

 See operating instruction manual.
Risk of damage or fire hazard.
Check connection data.
Screw the feet in before moving the dishwasher.
Do not use a cordless screwdriver, risk of damage.
The door springs must be set equally on both sides after fitting the front panel to the door.
Warning: Danger of being cut.

Venting the water drain
If the on-site drainage connection is situated lower than the guide path for the lower basket
rollers in the open door, the drainage system must be vented.

* Fittings supplied depend on the model.
D. Only required in Germany.
Tools required to depend on the model.
M. Optional accessories

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