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Mitel 6920 IP Phone Manual

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Mitel 6920 IP Phone User Guide

Placing an Internal Call

  • Lift handset
  • Dial extension or press a speed dial

Placing an External Call

  • Lift handset
  • Dial access code 9 + number

Answering a Call

  • Lift handset OR
  • Press headset or speaker button

Placing a Call on Hold

  • While on a call press
  • Line key will flash

Note: A held call will ring back after 1 minute

Retrieving a Held Call

  • Press  OR Pick Up OR the flashing line key


Press twice to call back the last number dialed

Changing Availability State

  • Press State
  • Choose the desired state and press Save


  • Press the Park Button
  • Dial in an extension to Park the call
  • To retrieve the Parked Call, press unpark and dial the extension

Transferring a Call

Blind Transfer

  • While on a call, press Transfer
  • Dial 9 + number or press a speed dial or dial an extension
  • Press Transfer
  • Hang up

Consult Transfer

  • While on a call, press Transfer
  • Dial 9 + number or press a speed dial or dial an extension
  • Wait for an answer, then announce the call
  • Hang up to complete the transfer

Transfer to Voicemail

  • Press Transfer
  • Dial an extension or press a speed dial
  • Press
  • Press To VM

Conference Calls

  • While on a call, press Conference
  • Dial 6+ number or press a speed dial or dial an extension
  • Press Conference again and all parties will be connected

Note: You can hang up the call and the other two parties will still be connected, or you can press drop to drop the highlighted caller

Message Waiting Light

Located in the Top Right-Hand Corner of the phone, when you have a voicemail, this will be lit up red


Allows you to assign another phone as your phone

Logging In

  • Press
  • Press Assign
  • Enter Extension
  • Enter Voicemail Password
  • Press Enter


The softkeys are the buttons located directly below the LCD display that control Speed dial, voicemail features, and conference

Softkeys on LCD Screen

Pick Up – Allows you to pick up a ringing extension from your phone
UnPark – Picks up a call from Park
Pick up- pick up another ringing extension or parked call
Conference – Initiates/completes a conference
State- Changes your availability, sends calls to voicemail
Answer-Answers incoming call
Ignore-Ignores incoming call but continues to ring the phone
Transfer-Transfer to another party
ToVM- Send an incoming to call your mailbox with out ringing the full time
Silence-Call Continues to ring silently until voicemail picks up
Drop- Hangs up on the highlighted caller
Conference- Conference multiple calls together
Park- System wide hold that can be picked up from any phone


– Directory
– Call History
– Voice mail
– Settings- Change Ringtone, program buttons, enable headsets
– Volume down and up
– End Call
– Redial
– Hold
– Mute
– Speaker/Headset, flips back and forth between to two


  • Press
  • Enter your Voicemail pin
  • Choose Audio Mode
  • Press Select
  • Select headset
  • Press OK
  • Press Exit

Programming Buttons

Any button on your phone that does not have a designated feature or line appearance may be programmed as a speed dial


  • Press
  • Enter your Voicemail pin
  • Choose Program Keys Edit
  • Press Select
  • Select Top Softkeys
  • Press Select
  • Scroll to the Key you want to program
  • Enter a Label
  • Enter a phone number (Include 9 for external numbers)
  • Choose Dial number for a Speed dial
  • Press Save