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MOONS Intelligent indoor LED driver MU050S150BQI201 Manual

MOONS Intelligent indoor LED driver MU050S150BQI201 Manual Image

MU050S150BQI201 Intelligent indoor LED driver


  • Input voltage: 100-277Vac ,140-388Vdc
  • Built-in active PFC function 0.95 Typ.
  • High efficiency: up to 87% Typ.
  • Constant current, 2 channels output
  • 2 channels 0-10V control
  • 4 in 1:Tunable white(1500-6500K).Dim to warm(1500-3200K), Solo dimming, Dual dimming
  • The output current can be set from 150~1500mA
  • AUX output 12V,150mA
  • Protection: OVP, SCP, OPP, OTP
  • According to UL Class2、EN SELV
  • 5-year warranty


Model (MU050S150BQI201 )
Efficiency(230Vac) 87% (Typical) at 55V/0.911A load condition
Efficiency(120Vac) 87% (Typical) at 55V/0.91A load condition
Voltage Range 90-305Vac , 126-427Vdc
Rated Input Voltage 100-277Vac , 140-388Vdc
Frequency Range (Hz) 50/60
Power Factor >0.9 at 100-277Vac 50/60Hz input, with 50%–100% load conditions
THD < 20%, at 100 — 277Vac 50/60Hz input, with 50% — 100% load conditions
AC Current(Typ.) 0.55A MAX at 120VAC , 0.3A MAX at 230VAC
Inrush Current(Typ.) <10A at 100 –277Vac input 25t cold start at 100% conditions .for more details in the attached graph
Input Power (W) 60(max)
Standby power (W) <0.5W at input 120Vac, 230Vac
Leakage Current(max.) 0.75mA at 277Vac 60Hz input
Output Output Voltage Range (V)
Output Current Range(mA) 150-1500.Support hot plug, without overshoot current .
Rated Power (W) 50(max)
Output channels 2
Ripple Current Output current 200-1500mA ripple LF(<120HZ) C 3 % Ripple = peak / average: ripple HF C 30 %
Current Tolerance ±5%
Line Regulation ±1%
Load Regulation ±3%
Setup, Rise Time <0.5S @120V/60HZ, 230V/50HZ
AUX output 12V± 3% ,150mA max
Dimming Control Output current ..1mA
Isolated 0-10V dimming / 0.1%lo-100%lo ref. Dimming module diagram and dimming curve
Protection Open circuit protection(V) 60
Short Circuit Power supply stops output, recovers automatically when fault condition removed
Over Power Solo&Dual dimming the current drops by 5% per 100ms; Tunable white&Dim to warm each time drops 10%
Over Temperature tc 10000 ± 10%. Hiccup mode,When the temperature of tc rise to 100t (Typ.)
Environment Operating Temp. -25—+65t ; tc 90t:
Operating Humidity 20-95%RH, non-condensing
Storage Temp., Humidity -40—+85°C, 10-95%RH
Vibration 10-500Hz, 5G 12min/cycle, period for 72min each along X, Y, Z axis
Ingress Protection Rating IP20
Safety & EMC Safety Standard UL8750, CSA C22.2 No.250.13-14, EN61347-1, EN61347-2-13
Isolation Input Output Dimming interface Enclosure
Input No applicable 3.75KV 3KV 1.875KV
Output 3.75KV No applicable 500V 1.5KV
Dimming interface 3KV 500V No applicable 500V
Enclosure 1.875KV 1.5KV 500V No applicable
Isolation Resistance I/P-0/P ,l/P-FG,0/P-FG:100M Ohms/500VDC/25°C/70%RH
EMC Emission FCC Part 15 ClassB, EN55015, EN61000-3-2 Class C, EN61000-3-3
EMC Immunity EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,8,11, EN61547 ( Surge L,N-FG 2KV. L-N 1KV) Additional suger test L,N-FG 2.5KV;L-N 2.5KV
Others Life time >50000 hours@Tc =75°C at 100% load conditions
MTBF 300,000 hours, measured at full load, 25°C ambient temperature MIL-HDBK-217F(25°C)
Dimension ( LxWxH ) 408 x 30 x 21 mm / 16.06 x 1.18 x 0.83 in
Weight 420g
Note.1: refer to V/I curve


Derating Curve

Derating Curve

V/I Curve

PF VS. Load Curve

THD VS. Load Curve

Efficiency VS. Load Curve

0-10V dim Curve

Inrush current waveform

Inrush current information

Input voltage Ipeak Time@50% of Ipeak
120VAC 1.15 50us
220VAC 2.48 50us
277VAC 2.85 60us

Max number of drivers per MCB

Item Max. number of drivers
Input voltage [VAC] 120 220 277
MCB B type 10A 16 30 34
MCB B type 13A 21 38 45
MCB B type 16A 26 47 56
MCB B type 20A 32 59 70
MCB B type 25A 40 74 87

Application of introduction

1. MCS interface(MCS+/MCS-)

  • MCS+ interface voltage 15V
  • Max current setting(each step is 1 mA), default driving current defined as 350mA.
  • Log or linear dimming curve, the default setting is log dimming.
  • NTC thermal management protects LED lamps, when the temperature of the LED lamp is over-temperature protection point, the current will be reduced by 50% every 5 minutes. The default setting is 85℃.
NTC compatibility


NTC Manufacturer NTC Model NO.
  • Control the status of Auxiliary power when dim level =0. Enable standby mode: when dim level =0, the Auxiliary power will be closed. Disable standby mode: when dim level =0, the auxiliary power still can work. The default setting is enabled.
  • update Online, use the smart key to connect the PC and the driver to update the firmware.

2. Dimming performance

  • When changed to any dimming level, flicker wouldn’t occur, dimming would be achieved smoothly.
  • In the range of 200~1500mA, the current operating in continuous mode; In the range of 0~200mA, the current operating in PWM dimming mode, and the PWM frequency 3.6KHZ.

3. Guide for setting driver’s parametersTouch setting

4. Tunable white, Dim to warm, Solo dimming, Dual dimming function introduction

Tunable white Cold color channel CH1 Control
Warm color channel CH2
Dim to warm Cold color channel CH1 Control
Warm color channel CH2
Solo dimming One 0-10V port control two output channels
Dual dimming Two 0-10V ports control two output channels

Mechanical Specification



RoHS Compliance:
Our products comply with the European Directive 2002/95/EC, calling for the elimination of lead and other hazardous substances from electronic products.

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