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MOTOPOWER 12V Digital Battery Tester MP0514A Manual

MOTOPOWER 12V Digital Battery Tester MP0514A Manual Image
MOTOPOWER 12V Digital Battery Tester
Instruction Manual


– Designed to test the voltage of 12V batteries or charging systems.
– With LCD voltage display screen and LED battery status indicators.
– Rubber paint body with Alligator clamps for connection.
– Reverse-hookup and over-voltage protection. Safe and easy to use.

Operation Instruction:

1- Connect the battery clamps correctly with the battery posts. The Red clamp with the positive “+” post of the battery, and The Black clamp with the Negative “-” post of the battery. If connect reversely, the REVERSE LED will turn on to indicate the connection mistake.

2- If the connection is correct, the LCD screen will turn on and display the voltage of the battery being tested. At the same time, the LED will turn on to indicate the battery status.

3- To test the alternator charging system, keep the tester connected with the battery posts, and then start the engine. The output voltage will display on the LCD screen and the LEDs (the top two LEDs on the right side) will turn on to display the alternator status.

Please refer to the below instruction about the LEDs.


  • Used for 12v batteries or 12v charging systems only.
  • Voltage testing range: 4-20V DC. If the voltage is out of the range, the LCD screen will display “LO” – <4V, or “HI” – >20V.
  • Store the tester in the box after each use to protect the circuit.

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