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Munters 1 RSU-2 Platinum Pro Manual

Munters 1 RSU-2 Platinum Pro Manual Image

Munters 1 RSU-2 Platinum Pro Installation Guide

Munters’ RSU-2 enables long distance remote scale/feed bin weighing and calibration, managed via the Platinum Pro/Rotem One.

  • Each RSU-2 supports two weighing devices.
  •  Each Platinum Pro supports:
    •  up to two RSU-2 units (Version X.17 and below)
    •  up to five RSU-2 units (Version X.18 and above)

Controller – RSU-2 Wiring

  • RSU-2 requires RS-485 infrastructure.
  • Platinum Pro – RSU-2 installations support a daisy chain only.
    Employing a Munters HUB-4 enables star configuration installations. Refer to the HUB-4 manual.
  •  Install a 120-ohm termination unit on the last RSU-2 in the chain. Failure to install a terminator results in a non-functional system!
  • Apply 24VAC from an independent power supply.
  • Wiring requirements:
    •  RSU-2 – Controller wiring: Shielded 22 AWG. Maximum distance: 200 meters/650 feet.
    •  RSU – power supply wiring: 0.75 mm2 , 2-wire

Figure : 1 Platinum Pro RSU-2 Wiring

CAUTION    To ensure interference and lightning immunity, use shielded cable only (22 AWG minimum)!

CAUTION    Power and signal wires must be in separate cables.

Table 1: Transformer R96 AC-AC 50VA (Ver.2) 14.05.2015 Specifications

Input voltage  Out Load Output voltage
230 VAC 0 mA 24.0 VAC +/-5%
230VAC 1.86 A 21.1 VAC < Vout
115Vac 0 mA 24.0 VAC +/-5%
115Vac 1.86 A 21.1 VAC < Vout

Table 2: Color Code

1   Brown wire 4   Blue wire
2   White wire 5   Black wire
3   Green wire 6   Red wire

Figure : 2 RSU-2 – Junction Box Wiring

Figure : 3 RSU-2 – Bird Scale Wiring

Figure : 4 RSU-2 – Bird Scale / Silo Wiring

2 Using the RSU-2

The following section describes how to use the RSU-2.
Wire each RSU-2 to the Platinum Pro before beginning.

Configuring the RSU-2

  1. On the RSU-2, press down the Select button until Addr appears.
  2. Press each arrow key to define each card as Card 1 or Card
  3. In the Platinum Pro, go to Scale > Scale Layout.

For each RSU-2, map the channel to the address that you defined above.

Viewing the RSU-2 Data

  • The RSU-2 screen displays:
    •  The weight of the last bird weighed (connected to bird scale)
    •  The current amount of feed in the silo (connected to a silo).
    •  0.00 (card address not defined)
  •  View the RSU-2 data in the Platinum Pro:
    • Hot Key 5
    • Scale > Calibration
    • Scale > Test

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