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muRata Excel Add-in Usage Software Manual

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muRata Excel Add-in Usage Software

Overview of Product Information Excel Add-in

  • This is an Excel function which returns a portion of the latest information including the status, specification, and URL, etc. for our products.
  • The API key, part number, and language specification are required as input parameters referenced by the function.
  • This Excel function returns information resulting from a search for one part number. Please note that characters such as ‘|’, ‘*’, and ‘?’ cannot be used in the part number.
  • The operating environment is as follows. (Operation in environments other than that described below is not guaranteed)
    • OS : Windows10
    • Excel : Excel 2013, Excel 2016 (Windows version only. Excel online is not supported)
  • list of custom Excel function

Excel Add-in registration

Click “File > Options > Add-ins > Settings > Browse” to register the downloaded Excel Add-in file (Murata Excel Add-in.xll).

Excel function selection

Enter “=MURATA” in the cell and select the function of the corresponding information item from the function list which is displayed.

Argument setting

After selecting the function, click the Function Wizard (fx) to display the argument guide.

When the cell of each argument is configured, the input value and output value are displayed.

Product information retrieval verification

The output value is displayed in the Excel worksheet.