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MusicMan Mikro TWS Headphones BT-X57 Manual

MusicMan Mikro TWS Headphones BT-X57 Manual Image

MusicMan Mikro TWS Headphones BT-X57


  • True Wireless Stereo (TWS) in-ear headphone
  • Voice assistant function supported
  • Automatic on/off function
  • Pairing with Bluetooth V5.0
  • Built-in microphone for phone calls
  • Multi-functional touch buttons on both in-ear headphones; play/pause, title change, volume, answer and reject phone calls, voice assistant

Technical Specifications

Bluetooth version V5.0
Bluetooth Transmitting distance ~10m (open space) Frequency band 2.4GHz

Radiated transmission power max. 2.5mW

Loudspeaker / frequency / impedance 5mW*2 / 20Hz-20kHz / 32Ω
Audio codec AAC/SBC/A2DP
Playtime Approx. 2h
Charges with charging box 3 times fully charged
Standby time Approx. 9h
Charging time earbuds Approx. 1h
Battery earbuds (each) Built-in rechargeable 30mAh lithium polymer battery 3.7V / charging via charging box
Charging time box 3.7V 150mAh lithium polymer battery
Operating temperature 0°C up to +40°C
Weight / dimension earbud 10.6g / (L)40 x (W)22 x (H)25mm
Weight / dimension box 35.0g / (L)49 x (W)32 x (H)54mm
Package content MusicMan® BT-X57, charging box, USB charging cable, user manual

Product Details

  1. Charging box switch
  2. LED Charging box
  3. Charging port
  4. Earbud charging contact
  5. Microphone
  6. LED Earbud
  7. Multi-functional touch button surface
  8. Air gate
  9. Speaker

First Use

  • Connect the charging box (3) with the attached charging cable and a USB power adapter* (*not included in the delivery). The charging box flashes red while charging. The box is fully charged when the light is stable.
  • Press the charging switch (1) at the charging box to start the charging of the earbuds. The LED of the charging box lights up in blue. The charging stops automatically when the earbuds are fully charged. The blue light turns off.

Bluetooth Connection


  • Take the BT-X57 earbuds out of the charging box. Both earbuds turn on automatically and start the pairing mode.
  • After it prompts “power on” the indicator LED flashes red and blue in change.
  • Start the Bluetooth scan function with your Smartphone / Tablet or any other Bluetooth enabled device.
  • Click on “MusicMan BT-X57” in the Bluetooth settings to pair your device with the earbuds.

Reset Pairing

Take out both BT-X57 earbuds from the charging box and hold 3 seconds the touch-function surface (7) to turn the earbuds off to clear the pairing settings. The indicator LED will blink red 3 times. Put the earbud into the charging box. Take out both earbuds to restart the pairing mode.

Single Use of BT-X57

Take the right or left earbud out of the charging box. It switches on automatically. Note: Just the touch button settings of the left or right earbud are provided. Choose wisely.

Auto Reconnection

The BT-X57 headphone will reconnect to the last paired mobile phone automatically. To change the paired connection to another mobile phone, reset the pairing.


Power On/Off

Touch the function surface (7) of the earbuds 3 seconds to turn it off/on. The earbuds turn on/off automatically after put out/in of the charging box.

Play/Pause music (1x R/L)

Single touch the function surface of one of both earbuds for play/pause music.

Volume down (2x L)

Double-touch the function surface of the left earbud for decrease the volume.

Volume up (2x R)

Double-touch the function surface of the right earbud for increase the volume.

Next song (3x R)

Three touch on the function surface of the right earbud will play the next song.

Last song (3x L)

Three touch on the function surface of the left earbud will return to the previous song.

Answer phone calls (R/L)

Incoming calls can be answered by a single touch on one of both earbuds.

Hang up calls (R/L)

Phones calls can be cancelled by double-touch the function surface on one of both earbuds.

Reject calls (hold 2 sec. R/L)

To reject calls, hold 2 seconds one of the touch surfaces.

Voice assistant (hold 2 sec. R/L)

2 seconds touch on the left earbuds function surface will activate the voice assistant of your phone.


If you cannot connect the headphone to your phone, do as follows:
Ensure that the headphone is charged and in on state. Ensure that the Bluetooth feature is activated on your phone. Check that the headphone is within 10m of your phone and that there are no obstructions between the headphone and the phone, such as walls or other electronic devices. The BT-X57 powers off or does not turn on again could be either a low battery or a problem with the power supply. Charge the BT-X57 and check the battery status of the charging box. (We suggest charging the BT-X57 all 2–3 month if it is not used for a long time.)


  • Only charge the BT-X57 charging box through the DC 5V charging port by using the provided charging cable. You also can use an USB charging adapter but ONLY (!) up to DC 5V/1A. Do not (!) charge the BT-X57 with more power!
  • If the BT-X57 fails to link to your mobile device or if it fails to play music after being connected, the user shall check if your mobile device supports SBC / ACC.
  • Noises are heard from the BT-X57 could be a poor Bluetooth signal. To avoid noise, stay within the Bluetooth range of 10m.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to excessive volume that may cause noise-induced hearing impairment.
  • Turn the volume down before putting on your headphones, then adjust it to the right volume.


  • Do not use the supplied charging cable to charge any other devcies. This may could cause damage
  • Do not disassemble the BT-X57, it may result in short-circuit or damage.
  • Do not use headphones while driving or riding your bike.
  • Stay away from sharp edges, uneven surfaces, metal parts, and anything that could damage the headphones.
  • Do not modify, repair or remove headphones without professional guidance.
  • Do not use corrosive or volatile liquid to clean the earphone.
  • Do not use headphones in dangerous environments.
  • Battery warning: Improper use of the battery may cause fire or chemical burns. The battery may explode in case of damage.
  • Do not drop or shake the BT-X57, it may break internal circuit boards or mechanics.
  • Keep the BT-X57 in dry and ventilated environment. Avoid high humidity and high temperature. Also, batteries should not be exposed to excessive heat or direct sunlight.
  • This BT-X57 is not water-resistant; keep it away from moisture.
  • Keep the BT-X57 away from little children and pets to prevent accidents.

To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high volume levels for long periods.

Products marked with this symbol meet all applicable community regulations of the European Economic Area.
Technaxx Deutschland GmbH & Co KG has issued a “declaration of conformity” in accordance with the applicable directives and relevant standards. has been created. This can be viewed at any time upon request.

Hints for Environment Protection: Packages materials are raw materials and can be recycled. Do not disposal old devices or batteries into the domestic waste.

  • Cleaning: Protect the device from contamination and pollution (use a clean drapery). Avoid using rough, coarse-grained materials or solvents/aggressive cleaner. Wipe the cleaned device accurately.
  • Important Notice: Should battery fluid leak from a battery, wipe the battery case with a soft cloth dry.
  • Distributor: Technaxx Deutschland GmbH & Co.KG, Kruppstr. 105, 60388 Frankfurt a.M., Germany

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