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Narcissus Electric Knife Sharpener QN-M801 Manual

Narcissus Electric Knife Sharpener QN-M801 Manual Image

Narcissus Electric Knife Sharpener User Manual

Please read this manual in detail before the first use.

Instructions for Sharpen Knives

  1. Put the sharpener in a stable position, clean the knife and dry it.
  2. Power on the sharpener and turn on the switch on the left.

Follow the steps below to sharpen the knife:

  1. Put the knife into the sharpening groove to make the blade touches the rotating grinding wheel.
  2. Pull back slowly until the blade all pass through the grinding wheel.      FIG 2 sharpen the knife
  3. Repeat steps ①② for 3 times.
  4. Change the knife to the neighboring sharpening groove.
  5. Repeat steps ①②③ to sharpen another side of the blade.
  6. Repeat steps ①②③④⑤ until the knife becomes sharp enough.


  1. The sharpener has 2 different grinding wheels. The left wheel is rough, suitable for grinding blunt knives. The right wheel is smooth and suitable for grinding sharp knives. 
  2. Each sharpening groove has two sides. Place the knife obliquely against the inclined side to get a better sharpening effect. 
  3. Turn on the sharpener first. Then put knives into the sharpening groove to avoid damage to knives.
  4. DO NOT push knives forward when sharpening to avoid damage to knives.
  5. DO NOT press down hard on knives when sharpening to avoid damage to knives. 
  6. The sharpener is not suitable for grinding curved, thick, zigzag kinves.
  7. The sharpener CANNOT work continuously for more than 5 minutes for its overheat-protection device. Please wait patiently for 15 minutes before resuming use it.
  8. The sharpener sometimes sends a smell, this is normal, please rest assured to use.

Grinding Scissors

  1. Move one blade of the scissors slowly to touch the rotating scissors grinding wheel.
  2. Pull the scissors against the grinding wheel slowly.              
  3. Repeat steps ①② for 3 times.
  4. Follow steps ①②③ to grind another blade of the scissors.
  5. Repeat steps ①②③④ until the scissors are sharp enough.

Tips: The sharpener cannot fully repair the scissors with unstable rivets. Because it can do nothing about the loose rivets.

Grinding Slotted Screwdriver

  1. Insert the screwdriver into the grinding hole slowly until it touches the rotating grinding wheel.                                                                               
  2. Push the screwdriver inward slowly until its front end becomes smooth enough.


  1. The sharpener CANNOT be used to grind Phillips screwdrivers.
  2. DO NOT force the screwdriver inwards to avoid damage to the sharpener.


  1. Use the sharpener with the specific voltage 120V~60Hz.
  2. Remove the grease and water from knives before sharpening.
  3. DO NOT add water, oil or other substances when sharpening knives to avoid danger.
  4. The sharpener is not suitable for grinding curved, thick, zigzag tools.
  5. DO NOT allow water to flow into the sharpener to avoid damage.
  6. In case the grinding wheel is stopped by knives, remove knives immediately to avoid damage to the sharpener
  7. Avoid using or touching by children to avoid accidents.
  8. The sharpener must be placed in a dry area and away from high temperatures.
  9. Do not replace the wire without authorization. Unplug the wire immediately if there is any problem, and contact Narcissus.

Replace the Grinding Wheels

Each wheel can grind about 100 knives. If the surface of the wheel is serious, we recommend that you replace the wheel in the following steps:

  1. Unplug the power supply of the sharpener. Put the bottom up on the table.
  2. Remove the 4 foot pads at the bottom. Unscrew the 4 screws in the foot pad holes. 
  3. Open the shell and use two wrenches to loosen the nuts on both ends of the shaft. 
  4. Remove the old grinding wheel and replace it with a new one. Be careful not to lose small parts.
  5. Check that all components are installed correctly, and then install nuts on both ends of the shaft.
  6. Install the plastic cover, screws and foot pads in order.
  7. Enjoy your new sharpener!

Cleaning and Maintenance

  1. Clean up debris after each use to avoid damage to the sharpener. Attention: Unplug the power plug before cleaning.
  2. Unplug before cleaning.
  3. Wipe the surface with a clean soft cloth.
  4. DO NOT immerse the sharpener in water for cleaning.
  5. Store the sharpener in a dry and ventilated place.


Thanks for selecting and supporting Narcissus.

Narcissus provides all customers free 12 months of product-replacement services.

If there is any quality problem, please send emails to  [email protected] to contact us. We will provide you with a satisfying solution.

Thank you for understanding!


  • Model: QN-M801
  • Rated Voltage: 120V~60Hz
  • Rated Power: 90W
  • Gross Weight: 2.67 lbs
  • Package Size: 9.8*4.8*4.7 in
  • Official Email: [email protected]
  • Manufacturer: Foshan Taobei Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Address: No.1 Guizhou Avenue West, Foshan, Guangdong, China