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New Bee Bluetooth Earpiece V5 User Manual

New Bee Bluetooth Earpiece V5 User Manual Image

New bee Bluetooth Earpiece V5.0,

Model: LC-841
Website: www.anewbee.com
Email: [email protected]

1. Brief introduction

This product is a simple stylish business in-ear wireless earphone, with built-in CSR chipset; it brings you HD calls and music, and 24 hours battery life, makes your life simple and convenient.

It is attention-needed that the Bluetooth connection may be interrupted by wall partition or other electronic interference or distance excess. Please read over the instructions before using, to make sure to use it in right and safe way and keep it in good condition

2. Instructions

(1)Key Function :

  1. Earphone body
  2. Volume key
  3. Power switch
  4. Telephone answer/end key
  5. Rubber ear buds
  6. Ear hook
  7. Mic

(2) Function

  1. Power key (No. 3 as shown) push up to turn on, push down to turn off
  2.  Volume key (No. 2 as shown) Short press “volume +” key to turn volume up;
    Press and hold the “volume + ” key to skip to next track;
    Short press “volume —” key to turn volume down;
    Press and hold the “volume —” key to skip to last track.
    (Note: While the red and blue indicator flashing alternately, press and hold both of the “volume +” and “volume -” for 6s at the same time to reset Bluetooth)
  3.  Telephone answer/end key (No. 4 as shown)
    A. While call comes, single press to answer call; long press to reject call. While in the call, double press to hand call up.
    B. While music playing, single press for music play or pause; Double click to redial the last number in address book. Long press to wake up Sid voice assistant.

3. Charge

  1. The earphone is with a built-in lithium-ion polymer battery, needs about 3 hours for full charge at the first time. (Charging voltage 5V, current 0.5A-2A)
  2. The indicator turns long red while charging; turns blue while full of charge.
  3. Please stop using it while charging.

4. Pairing

  1. Turn on the earphone, LED indicator flashes blue and red alternately, enter pairing mode.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth function in your device and search LC-B41 in the searching list.
    iPhone: Setting > Bluetooth > Activate
    Android Phones: Setting > Bluetooth > Search new devices
    (Note: Different devices might have different setting of Bluetooth)
  3. Connect LC-B41. After connected, the LED indicator out.
    After paired successfully, Led indicator turns off.
  4. Two-device connection:
    A LC-B41 can be connected with two smartphones. After connected with Phone A, turn LC-B41 and the Bluetooth of Phone A off. Then re-start LC-B41 and pair with Phone B; And then turn on the Bluetooth of Phone A again and select “LC-1341” in the menu.
    (Although the earphone can connect with two phones, just can play music for one of phones.)

5. Instructions for use

  1. Power on / off: Push up to power on, push down to power off.
  2. Answer/end a call: Short press the telephone answer/end key to answer call, double click to hang up.
  3. Make/take a call: When you make or take a call, the sound will be transmitted to earphone automatically.
  4. Reject a call: While call comes, press and hold the telephone answer/end key to reject call.
  5. Volume control: press the volume key, click to volume up or down. 6) Please charge in time when you hear “battery low” .

6. Specifications

  1. Bluetooth version: CSR V5.0
  2. Support profile: Earphone, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
  3. Talking Time: About 24 hours
  4. Standby Time: About 60 days
  5. Charging Time: 2-3 hours
  6. Music Play Time: 20 hours
  7. Wireless Range: 10m
  8. Previous song, next song.
  9. Battery Status display both on iOS and Android devices.
  10. Support Multi—point with 2 device.
  11. Working Temperature: -10°C – 60°C

7. Common problem

  1. Low battery will cause disconnection. Please charge it in time
  2.  If the earphone turn on fails, please try charging it first and then try to turn on again.
  3.  If the battery runs out or the earphone out of use for a long time. That might be no indicator for some minutes while charging, but indicator will turn red after few minutes.
  4.  No sound in earphone.
    —Make sure the earphone is turned on.
    —Make sure the earphone has connected with phone successfully.
    —Make sure the earphone and the phone are within 10m.
    —Make sure “LC-841” was selected in searching list.
    —Make sure your phone is within a strong enough signal range and without external interference.
    —To check whether your phone is connected with another Bluetooth device.
  5. Bluetooth earphone cannot be searched.
    —Ensure that the earphone enters the status and ready to be searched.
    —There might be a program error caused between phone and Bluetooth. Please restart the device (Reset Bluetooth: While the red and blue indicator flashing alternately, press and hold both of the “volume -F” and “volume -” for 6s at the same time to reset Bluetooth) or contact the manufacturer to repair.
  6. No sound while calling.
    —Ensure LC-B41 was connected with phone successfully.
    –To check whether your phone has connected with other Bluetooth devices.
  7. If the ear hook drops from earphone, please put it back and continue to use.

8. Points for attention

  • Using non-original accessories may cause low performance, body damage, short circuit and warranty failure.
  • Disassembling your earphone may damage the earphone and causing warranty failure
  • Don’ t use your earphone in dusty environment.
  • Please use a clean, soft and dry cloth to clean your earphone.
  • Keeping place the earphone in the original package when not in use
  • Don’ t let your children play with the earphone. They may hurt themselves or damage the earphone
  • Don’ t place the earphone in hot or cold environments, otherwise the earphone may be temporarily unusable.


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