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NEXTECH LA9038 2G/3G/4G Car GPS Tracker Manual

NEXTECH LA9038 2G/3G/4G Car GPS Tracker Manual Image

NEXTECH LA9038 2G/3G/4G Car GPS Tracker

  1. Open the SIM card room cover, Insert a 3G/4G SIM card (not included) into the SIM card slot.
    Note: This unit requires data to be activated on your pre-paid or contract SIM card.
  2. Connect the wiring loom to the tracker and the bare ended wires to the accessories, ground, engine immobilizer and external SOS button.
    Red Wire – Accessories 12/24V +
    Black Wire – Ground (Car or truck chassis)
    Yellow Wire – Engine Immobilizer Relay Control Output (Output Negative)
    White Wire – Car Key ON Signal Input (Positive Triggered)
    White/Black Wire – External SOS button
  3. Once the unit has been wired up correctly, turn the power switch to ON position beside the SIM card cover, the green and red LED remains turned on, a few minutes later the green and red LED will flash, the tracker is ready to work.
  4. The Green & Red LED flash once every 4 seconds, it means the tracker work well, if the Red LED flash twice every 4 seconds, it means the tracker can not visit internet, please do the following 5 & 6 step. if the Green LED flash twice every 4 seconds, it means No GPS signal, moving car to open air place to get better GPS signal.
  5. Contact your mobile service provider to obtain the APN “name” in order to view the location on the tracking website. APN’s vary depending on your SIM card’s plan (pre-paid or contract)
  6. Enter the following command via SMS on your tracker to set the APN “name”: Send SMS “APN*12345678*apnname” (12345678 is the tracker password)
    For example:
    Plan: Vodafone Pre Paid
    APN “Name”: live.vodafone.com
    Send SMS: APN*12345678*live.vodafone.com
    If the APN “Name” has been entered correctly, you will receive a SMS stating “APN:live.vodafone.com”(example)
    Note: The APN “name” needs to be entered correctly otherwise the location may show up in Asia, Africa, etc.
  7. Login to the tracking website (www.nextechgps.com) using the last 7 digits of the serial number for the username and password which is located in the battery compartment of the tracker. For example: Serial number: 038202012345678 Username: 2345678 Password: 2345678
  8. Free “NextechGPS” app is available to easily view the current tracking location on your iOS® or Android smart phone or tablet. Vist www.igps.info/nextech can donload & install the Android & iOS App.

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