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oppo CPH2273 A16 Mobile Manual

oppo CPH2273 A16 Mobile Manual Image

oppo CPH2273 A16 Mobile

Greeting from OPPO Mobile
This gulde will show you how to use the phone and lts Important functions. You may also visit OPPo official website to get more lnformadon about the phone.

  1. Reciver
  2. Front Camera
  3. SIM Card Tray
  4. Volume Key
  5. Earphone Jack
  6. Proximity Sencor and Lightsencor
  7. Power Key/Screen Lock Key/Fingerprint Scanner
  8. USB Jack
  9. Rear Camera
  10. Speaker
  11. Flash
  12. NFC
  13. MIC

How to reboot the phone
Press and  hold the Pow,er Button arid Volume Up Bunon at the samwetime until the OPPO boot animation is displayed to reboot the phone
Steps to oo.irch Regulatory: Go to Settings-About Phone-Regulatory

How to Transfer Old Mobile Content to a New Mobile
You can useOPPO Clone Phone to easily transfer photos, videos, music, contacts, messages. apps, etc from your old phone to the new one.
1. If your pravious phone was a non-OPPO android phone, search “OPPO Clone Phone” In the Google Play Store and install the app or scan the QR code


Product CPH2273
Main screen paiameter 16.56cm(6,52″)
Dimension 163.8×75.6×8.4(mm)


4890mAh /18.92Wh(Min)


+2Megaplxels Rear
8Megaplxels Front
Operating temperature O’C-35’C


SAR Values

CE/UK SAR 0.94W/kg(Head)
RCM SAR 0.94W/kg(Head)


FCC SAR 1.14W/kg(Head)



Radio Waves Specifications

Radio Frequency Max.Output Power
GSM 850MHz 33±ld8m
900MH, 33±ldBm
1800MHz l0±1dBm
1900MHz 30±1dBm
WCDMA Bands 1/214 23.5±1dBm
Band,5/6/8/19 l4±1d8m
LTEFDD Band 12/l/4/7165 23.5±ldBm
Bands 5/8/12/17/18/19120126/28 24±1dBm
(LTETDD) Band, 38/19/40/41 23.5±1dBm
81uetooth 2.4-2.4S35GHz 8±2dBm(EIRP)
2AGWi-fi 2.•-2.48J5GHz 15±2dBm(EIRP)
5GWl-fl 5.15-535GH,     5.47-5.725GHz 13.5±ldBm(EIRP)
5.725-5.BSGHz 11±l2dBm(EIRP)
NFC 13.50MHz 4l08µNm@-10m

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