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OUXI V1 E-Bike Manual

OUXI V1 E-Bike Manual Image

OUXI V1 E-Bike User Manual

Structure chart

  1. Front handle
  2. Front brake handle
  3. Rear brake handle
  4. Battery display
  5. Power button
  6. Standpipe
  7. Safety buckle
  8.  Vertical folding Clasp
  9.  Front light
  10. Head tube
  11. Splash fender
  12. Front wheel
  13. Hub
  14. Folding pedal
  15. Sprocket
  16. Chain
  17. Flywheel
  18. 12 inch motor
  19. Rear wheel
  20. Splash fender
  21. Shock absorber
  22. Frame
  23. Tail light
  24. Cushion
  25. Detachable cushion
  26. Battery inside
  27. Shell of controller
  28. Controller

Make sure the adjusting structure is firmed before riding.

Instruction of buttons


Specification V1 E-bike
Frame material Aluminum alloy
Folding size(L*W*H) 1040*730*200mm
Unfolding size(L*W*H) 1040*1000*500mm
Height of the pedal 250mm
Weight 18kg
Max loading 120kg
Max speed 25km/h
Range per charge


Range per charge

Pure electric

Max climbing 20°
Brake Double disc brake
Wheel size 12 inch
Battery capacity 6.6ah
Motor 36V 250W
Charger 42V
Input voltage AC100-240V

Please read the following instructions before using.

  1. Do not ride on motor vehicle lane.
  2. Do not climbing the slope over 20 degrees.
  3. If there is a risk of falling, please take care of personal safety.
  4. Please do not over speed or accelerate too fast and keep driving slowly.
  5. Do not place products in fire or heat condition, nor store them in high temperature (< 55 degrees Celsius).
  6. Do not disassemble the battery or modify the internal and external structure of the battery.
  7. Do not immerse the device in water or soak it in storage.
  8. If the equipment is stored for a long time (not use for a long time), please charge in advance.
  9. The device must be charged within 24 hours after it is completely discharged.
  10. Please comply with local laws when using this equipment.
  1. Do not drive after drinking and taking drugs.
  2. Use the correct charger for the charging please.
  3. Do not use other battery on it.
  4. Do not continue to use the bike when the power nearly empty.
  5. Using the bike in below temperature to avoid accident and damage of battery.

Using or storing temperature:

Charging 0 — +45℃
Riding -20~+55℃
Storing in one month -5~ +45℃
Storing in three month -5~ +35℃
Storing in six month -0~ +35℃

Specification V1 E-bike

Frame material: Aluminum alloy
Folding size(L*W*H): 1040*730*200mm
Unfolding size(L*W*H): 1040*1000*500mm
Height of the pedal: 250mm
Weight: 18kg
Max loading: 120kg
Max speed: 25km/h
Range per charge(Assistance): 45±5KM
Range per charge (Pure electric): 30±5KM
Max climbing : ≤20°
Brake : Double disc brake
Wheel size : 12 inch
Battery capacity : 6.6ah
Motor: 36V 250W
Charger : 42V
Input voltage: AC100-240V