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Perlick Beer Dispensing Equipment Manual

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Installation Manual
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Form No. Z2349
Rev. A 10/09/2018


Congratulations on your purchase of a Perlick high-quality residential Beer Dispenser. Perlick has proudly manufactured beer dispensing systems for over 50 years for bars, restaurants, stadiums, arenas, and large venues around the world. That same technology is used in each and every residential beer dispenser we produce, assuring you’ll pour the fresh, cold beer as the brewery intended it to be enjoyed.
All Perlick products are built with commercial grade stainless steel, providing you with the beauty and durability for a lifetime of use. This installation guide will show you how to properly install the dispensing equipment on your Perlick Beer Dispenser.
We dedicate considerable time to ensure that our products provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. If, however, service is required, call Perlick at 800.558.5592. For your own protection, never return merchandise for credit without our approval.
We thank you again for selecting a high-quality Perlick Beer
Dispenser. Cheers!

The installation of the actual beer dispenser cabinet should happen prior to installing the dispensing equipment. Refer to the Installation Manual that accompanied the
Beer Dispenser for step-by-step installation of the cabinet.

The following instructions are for both the Draft Arm (standard tower) and the Adara Signature Beer Tower. Some photos and drawings may only show the Draft Arm, but
the instructions will also apply to the Adara Signature Beer Tower unless noted.

Keep the CO2 cylinder away from heat. Rupture disc vents at 122°F maximum.

Do not drop or throw a regulator or CO2 cylinder.
Allow only properly trained and experienced personnel to handle high-pressure gas.
Do not apply oil to the regulator!


Open the tapping kit box and become familiar with its components. The instructions on pages 4 through 10 will demonstrate how to properly install the tapping equipment on
your new Perlick Beer Dispenser.

NOTE: The image does not accurately reflect the positions of the different elements within the unit. Positions and hose lengths are shown are to clearly illustrate proper connection methods only.

Open the tapping kit box and become familiar with its components. If the dispensing head is going to be mounted on a countertop directly above the refrigerated cabinet, have the countertop pre-drilled using the supplied template on page 11.
Make sure that the access hole in the refrigerated cabinet is in line with the countertop holes. Remove any obstructions from the access hole of the refrigerator.
Follow instructions on pages 4 through 10 to properly install the tapping equipment on your Perlick unit, or watch our Beer Dispenser Tapping Installation video. Information on how to access this video can be found to the right.

NOTE: Wash tapping devices thoroughly.
Flush beer and faucet lines, as well as the tapping device (keg coupler) with fresh water.

Scan the QR code with your mobile device to watch the video instantly.


Use the following web link to view the video through your browser window: http://youtu.be/NCKP6x2zZmo


  1. Mark the air tube for correct length dependent upon your installation scenario. If installing directly on top of the refrigerated cabinet, make a mark 5 inches from the bottom of the tower (Figure 1). If installing directly on top of a countertop, add the depth of the countertop to the original 5 inches and mark at that new dimension (Figure 2).
  2. Remove air “T” from the end of the air tube by loosening the fastener holding the two halves together. Remove the air tube from the tower being careful not to damage the product tube.
  3. Cut air tube at the mark made in step 1. Re-install air tube into the tower and re-install “T” on the end of the air tube so “T” faces the rear of the tower.
  4. Cut product tube 3 inches below the “T” and install included barbed union into product tube and clamp using worm drive clamp.

  1. Locate the dispensing head , black beer line(s), and hose clamp(s). Slide one end of each beer line onto the stainless steel tubes which protrude out the bottom of the dispensing head and clamp tight.
  2. Remove transit tape with a utility knife around the hole in the top of the unit from both inside and outside of the cabinet. Gently punch-out foam w/screwdriver and remove. Insert the beer line(s) through the hole in the countertop. Move head aside and bead silicone around the perimeter of the hole, and then position the head back in place. Fasten using the 4 chrome screws included with the dispensing head. Wipe off excess silicone to complete the seal.
  3. Use the 3/8” -thick foam pad included in the tapping kit and roll into a cylinder. From inside the cabinet, insert the foam tube up through the hole in the countertop until it is firmly against the insulation in the dispensing head. Mark, then cut away any excess foam.
    NOTE: If using an Adara tower, foam needs to be installed so that it is pressed up against the bottom mounting flange of the tower.
  4. Install the Air Scoop Kit. Start by removing the upper set of screws located above the fan on the back wall of the cabinet.
  5. Assemble components from the kit as follows – Insert black snap bushing into air scoop mounting bracket, then insert one end of the air snorkel through the snap bushing. A zip the tie can be inserted behind the mounting bracket to keep the tube in place.
    NOTE: For Adara Towers, the air snorkel consists of a 3-inch piece of black tubing and a 3-inch piece of clear tubing that slides over each other and then is clamped using included worm-drive clamp. The black tube is inserted per the above instructions and secured with the included zip tie. The clear tube is installed over the air “T” from the dispensing head and secured with the included worm-drive clamp. See Figure 4 on page 5 for illustration.
  6. Insert end of the snorkel up into the tower and screw air scoop mounting bracket into vacated holes above the fan.
  7. If installing a two faucet system, a CO2 manifold will need to be installed. Locate the red CO2 lines, CO2 manifold and a #10 x 1/2” sheet metal screw. Slide one end of each hose onto the barbed fittings on the manifold and clamp. On the left rear side wall of the beer compartment,, there is a double row of screws that run vertically. Remove one of the two top screws and discard. Insert the sheet metal screw through the manifold and into the hole vacated previously.
  8. On a single beer system, locate the red CO2 hose. Slide one end onto the barbed fitting of the regulator assembly and clamp. On systems with two beers, locate the CO2 line that comes off the backside of the manifold assembly. Slide the hose onto the barbed fitting of the regulator assembly and clamp. For detailed information on connecting the regulator to the CO2 cylinder, see page 10.
  9. Locate the low-profile keg coupler(s). Slide one of the red CO2 lines onto the larger barbed fitting of the coupler and clamp. Locate one of the black beer lines and slide onto the smaller barbed fitting of the coupler and clamp. Repeat for additional couplers.
    Note: This unit comes standard with Perlick’s new 304SS Lo-Boy coupler(40030SSLD)
  10. On the right rear sidewall, there is a double column of screws.
    Remove the left screw. Locate the safety chain and a #10 x 1/2” sheet metal screw from the parts bag. Insert the screw through the closed end link of the chain and tighten it in the vacant screw hole. The chain can now be used to secure the tank with an “S” hook, preventing damage to the regulator.
  11. CO2 tanks are shipped empty and must be filled prior to use. Turn the adjusting knob on the regulator counterclockwise until the secondary gauge (top) reads zero.
    Make sure that the valve at the bottom of the regulator where the red hose is connected is in the off position as shown. Watching the secondary pressure gauge, turn the
    regulator adjusting knob clockwise until the pressure is at 15 psig. Adjustments can later be made based on flow rates.
    IMPORTANT: All pressure adjustments MUST be made when the shut-off valve is in the OFF position!
  12. Locate the beer faucet(s) and install onto the dispensing head shanks. Tighten with a supplied spanner wrench. Install black handle(s) onto faucet(s).
  13. Before tapping, make sure the beer faucet is closed. To tap a keg, insert the coupler into the neck of the barrel. Turn the coupler clockwise until it stops (about an 1/8 turn), then push down on the top of the coupler and again turn clockwise until it stops. Your barrel is now tapped. Open the CO2 valve on the regulator as well as the valve on the manifold if used.


  1. Remove the blue plug from the regulator fitting, but do not remove the carbonic washer.
  2. Screw regulator onto gas cylinder valve. Tighten with a wrench until vertically straight. Be sure that the shut-off valve on the regulator is in the OFF (horizontal) position.
  3. Place screw clamp over the end of the red line and push onto regulator tailpiece. Tighten clamp with a screwdriver.
  4. Turn regulator adjusting screw counterclockwise until it turns freely.
  5. Turn hand valve counter-clockwise on the CO2 cylinder to the fully open position.
  6. Turn regulator adjusting screw clockwise until the desired pressure is reached (approximately 12-15 lbs.) Tighten stop nut on adjusting screw.
  7. Open shut-out valve on the bottom of the regulator.
  8. Dilute a small amount of liquid dishwashing soap and rub the soapy mixture around connections. If bubbles appear, tighten the connection.


NOTE: The hole placement for the Draft Arm and Adara towers are the same even though the decorative flanges are different shapes.

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