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Pestill Possum Repeller PTPSMREP1PA Manual

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Pestill Possum Repeller User Guide


Please handle this product with care and inspect it regularly to ensure it is in good working order.
If the product, power supply cord or plug shows any signs of damage: stop use, unplug and contact Kogan.com support.

Product Introduction

  1. The repeller is the most advanced outdoor anti-pest product on the market today. It will provide dramatic results without the use of poisons or chemicals and is completely safe for humans and pets, while not harming the animals you wish to keep away either.
  2. It can be powered by mains power or via four C batteries (not included), is weatherproof in design and should be used outdoors.
  3. It is equipped with an infra-red motion sensor that will activate when pests are in range. The strobe light and alarm are secondary functions.

Safety Warnings

  • • Read instructions fully before using product.
  • Do not restrict airflow around the unit. Do not position behind furniture or curtains. For best results, position unit in an open space.
  • Do not attempt to open the unit.
  • The repeller is not a toy, so please do not allow small children to play with it. Do not allow the unit to come into close range of your ears due to the ultrasonic tones.
  • Please consider other people and their privacy and comfort before using the alarm and strobe light.

Product Layout

How It Works

The unit has three different components that use different scientific methods to get rid of pests. Ultrasonic, strobe light and the alarm.


A high pressure ultrasonic sound that is only barely audible to human ears. This pest repelling technique emits a disorientating siren that startles and frightens away unwanted animals from your backyard or while out on a camping trip. Using a variable pulse generator, the pest repeller emits a range of fluctuating sound waves so that pests do not get accustomed to them. Once the unit is switched on, the tone will automatically sound and pests will begin to be warded off immediately.
Note: if you have any insects or rodents as pets, we recommend you keep your pets away from this device.

Strobe Light

The strobe light will be most effective at night to frighten away night-time visitors. A disorientating flashing light at a strobe frequency of 10 flashes per 20 seconds will be emitted from the unit.


The high-pitched alarm is a great way to scare off larger animals such as dogs, foxes and cats (as well as unwanted people sneaking around your property at night) with a sound that can be heard up to 600 metres away. This option is ideal in isolated or remote locations, however short usage in a residential zone from a human intruder would also be highly effective. If you do not wish to use this function, turn the “sonic volume” dial to zero.


When activated, the Turbo turns on all functions for 20 seconds (Ultrasonic, sonic and strobe). This can startle an intruder or large animal from entering your campsite or yard, giving you time to get help or leave the area. This function will work even when the device is in standby mode, and can function 24 hours a day regardless of the Operating Time set. To adjust the volume of the alarm, remove the back cover and adjust the Sonic Volume.


Plug the unit into your A/C mains power or install the batteries.

Using the A/C adapter

Remove the back cover of the unit by gently pulling it off. Plug one end of the A/C adaptor into the 9 volt port jack located beside the sensitivity dial. Plug the other end into any standard wall socket. Place the A/C cord through the notch cut out on the bottom of the unit, then replace the back cover by snapping it back into place. Unplugging the unit will revert it to the manufacturers settings. Both alarm and strobe settings will be off while the ultrasonic setting will be on.

Note: when operating the unit via the A/C adaptor, the unit will automatically switch to battery power in the event of power failure.

Installing the Batteries

The unit uses four C sized batteries. To install batteries, remove the back panel by gently pulling it off. Install the batteries to match the positive and negative poles printed in the unit. With the batteries in place, replace the back cover of the unit until is snaps closed.

Turning the device ON and OFF

The device itself does not have an ON/OFF switch. To turn it off, unplug it, remove the batteries or use the standby mode on the remote control. When the unit is plugged in or the batteries are installed, it will trigger a red sensor light within 20 seconds. The light will stay on for about 20 seconds, after which the device will be ready to operate. To create an audio and visual assault on the animals senses, driving them from your property, the strobe light will flash repeatedly in quick succession. The strobe light will only function in Night Time mode, as well as in Emergency (Turbo) mode.

Operating Times

We highly recommend use of the device in 24HR mode for most customers. If set to ‘Night’ mode, the unit will not work during the day unless the sensor is covered. Likewise if the unit is set to ‘Day’ mode, then it will not be active during the night to deter pests in the dark.


You can set custom settings to the unit via the simple set of control switches.

CONT. SWEEP will activate a range of sonic and ultrasonic frequencies at random intervals. Motion detection is deactivated in this mode. To set the unit to proximity sensor operation, adjust the switch to MOTION SENSOR. To set the unit to continuous operation, adjust the switch to CONSTANT.

Manufacturer Settings

The main function of this product is the ultrasonic feature. The sensor settings gives you the choice to have the unit work only when the sensor is triggered. The continue setting gives you the option to have the ultrasonic function for 20 seconds, then pause for 20 seconds in a cycle. For the most effective operation of the unit, we suggest you use the continuous mode to keep pests away.

Frequency Dial

There are several types of pests listed around the frequency dial, which matches the frequencies that are ideal for repelling them. Turn the dial to the setting that best suits your needs. If you need to repel more than one type of pest, set the dial somewhere within the ranges of both pests. Adjust the frequency slightly every few weeks to avoid allowing the pests to adapt to the sound.

Sensitivity Dial

Your device can be set to activate only when animals come into range. Set the mode switch to “motion sensor” to select this feature. When an animal or human enters the range of the device, it will activate the ultrasonic and sonic alarms. The sensitivity dial adjusts the distance at which the device’s motion detection sensor will work.


It is important to place the device where it will be most effective. Place the unit near the height of the animal you want to repel, facing the area that they most like to frequent. Do not place the unit on the ground as this will limit the effective range of the device. It can be mounted on a wall, tree, fence, stairs or even mailbox. If the device is mounted off the ground but substantially higher than the animals eye level, tilt it downwards somewhat.
For animals that nest in trees, such as birds or possums, place the device in the tree or on your rooftop. The ultrasonic frequency has a range of approximately 15 metres, however the closer the animal is to the unit, the more effective it will be.
Ultrasonic signals cannot penetrate solid surfaces, so ensure that there are no windows, doors, fences or other items in between the device and the area you want to cover.

Turbo Mode

“Turbo Mode” acts as an emergency button. Once pressed, the alarm will sound and the strobe will activate, no matter what operation mode the the unit is in. To stop the alarm/strobe, press the Standby button.

Mounting to a Wall

Two screws and fasteners are included with this unit for mounting on walls. Simply drill screws into a suitable or upright surface. Align the back of the unit where the two mounting holes are to the screw heads. Note: if installing outdoors, it is recommended that you place the unit at least 3 feet above the ground for optimum range. Make sure that the speaker is facing the area you want covered and that the A/C outlet is protected from the weather.

Product Specifications

AC Adapter: 240V, 9VDC/400mA x 1
Batteries: 4 x 1.5V C size batteries (not included)
Ultrasonic Frequency: 15kHz to 25KHz (adjustable)
Output Sound Pressure: 0 – 110dB
Working Current: Up to 300mA Infra-red sensor 30 feet Effective range 5000 square feet
Optimum Distances: 240V, 9VDC/400mA x 1

Training a Pet

Some people try the device on their pets to see if it works, or to train the pet to not enter a particular area. It is important to remember that your pet is used to living in comfort in your home. While he or she may be annoyed by the sound, they may not be deterred from the room. As far as your pet is concerned, they have full access to your house. An outdoor animal on the other hand, is sensitive to noise and alert to danger. The same way that the alarm will repel an intruder, the ultrasonic signal will repel an unwanted animal.

If you do want to use the ultrasonic device to deter your cat or dog from a certain part of the house, you will need to train them. When the device activates, show them through behavioural training what they should do. Demonstrate that when it is time for them to leave the room, they will hear the noise and that leaving the room will stop the noise. Dogs will be easier to train than cats.

Note: just like your pet, wild animals will have certain habits and behaviours that can change over time. If they are accustomed to finding food in your backyard, they may continue to come even if they are disturbed by the ultrasonic noise, especially if they cannot find food elsewhere. The device is designed to work in combination with other good pest management practices, such as those given below.

Ways to Keep Pests Away

Many pests can be kept away from your living spaces by following these rules.

  1. Keep the garbage lid closed in your kitchen.
  2. Store all food in airtight containers.
  3. Pet food and water should be put away overnight.
  4. Repair plumbing leaks and cracks.
  5. Drain liquids and wash recyclable containers before recycling them.
  6. The accumulation of paper products such as cardboard boxes, bags, newspapers etc… should be avoided.
  7. Keep grass short around the foundations of the house and trees/shrubs should be planted away from the house.
  8. Screen all vent openings such as crawl spaces, attics, laundry vents and heating ducts.
  9. Repair and adjust broken or damaged windows and screen doors.

If you have any further questions regarding the use of this product, please contact the Kogan.com customer support team.

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