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PET GEAR Indoor Outdoor Carpeted BI-Fold Pet Ramp PG9050TN Manual

PET GEAR Indoor Outdoor Carpeted BI-Fold Pet Ramp PG9050TN Manual Image

PET GEAR Indoor Outdoor Carpeted BI-Fold Pet Ramp


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Step 1. Unfold ramp and place on firm surface with carpet surface facing up (Figure A).Watch for pinch points while unfolding ramp (Figure B).Step 2. Be sure the ramp is secure and all four corners are supported.

Step 3. If used on the rear entrance of a van or SUV, attach the security strap to the floor door latch, as shown (Figure C).


The carpet tread removes easily and is machine washable in gentle detergent.


  • Before use, be sure ramp is installed according to instructions.
  • Use as a pet ramp ONLY!
  • Do not use to load people or other objects.
  • Never leave the ramp unattended.
  • The ramp is designed to support a maximum load of 150 lbs. when installed properly.
  • Exceeding the load limit will void the product warranty and may cause injury to the pet or pet owner.
  • Never use the ramp while the vehicle is in motion.

Not intended to be used as a restraining device for aggressive or dangerous animals that dig, chew or paw aggressively. Do not leave your pet unattended. PET GEAR is not liable for any damage caused by aggressive, destructive, immature or untrained animals. Do not use near an open or exposed flame. Failure to follow these warnings and the instructions could result in serious injury or death.


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