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pewag Traction Chains Manual

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pewag Traction Chains Instructions

Mounting Instructions

Lay the chains out on the ground with the cross chain hooks facing up, make sure there are no twists in the chain. Grab the middle of the chain and lay them evenly on top of the tire with the cams on the outside of the tire. Cross chain hooks should be facing away from the tire (see picture). Tuck the end of the chains in the rear of the tire and rollback about 2 feet if space allows.

Start by hooking the speed hook on the inside of the tire, and then fasten the hook on the outside of the tire. Try and have them even or close to the same link on the inside as the outside, so one side chain isn’t pulling more than the other. Try to get the inside and outside side chain as tight as possible.

Please read the vehicle manufacturer’s manual and enclosed precaution instructions carefully.

If your chain has cams, use the cam tool in the bag to turn the cams counterclockwise, start with the lowest cam on the tire. You want the chain to be tight enough to get your knuckles under a cross chain and have pressure. You do not have to turn all the cams in some situations if the chain is tight. Do not over tighten the chain, this can lead to tire damage.

If you are in a safe situation, drive 150-300 feet and let the chain center on the tire. Check for tightness and make sure the chain is centered like the picture shows. Often times you can close the last cam at this point to get a good fit, or you might need to undo the cams and get one more link tighter on the outside speed hook. Then re-tighten cams for proper fitment. Multi-arm adjuster recommended.

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