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General information

Safety instructions
Please read carefully the safety mark on the back side

  • This mark is intended to alert the user from the non isolated dangerous voltage within the constitute a risk of electric shock to persons.
  • This mark is intended to alert the user for important operating and servicing instruction.


  • Avoid sustained periods on high-volume use, and do not turn the volume to maximum level while using high output signal, such as Mobile Phone or DVD, etc., as this will cause distortion and may damage the loudspeaker cones.
  • Do not open the cover or back panel to avoid electrical shock or any other accidents. No user-serviceable parts are inside.
  • Only for indoor use.
  • Plug the system to the AC outlet with the right voltage marked on the back panel of the Subwoofer.
  • The MAINS plug is used as the disconnect device, the disconnect device shall remain readily operable.


Item Audio-2RCA cable Remote control User manual optical cable wall mount power cord
Quantity 1 1 1 1 2 1

Remark: please unscrew the plastic wall mount and use metal one, if the soundbar need to be hung on the wall.


Soundbar back panel

  1.  AC Power cord.
  2. HDMI ARC Input.
  3. Optical Input.
  4. Input Connect to sound sources such as computer, CD player, MP3, etc.

Top panel operation

  1.  /SOURCE: The Speaker system is in stand by mode when power on, with white LED “—-”. Short press the “ /SOURCE” to select appropriate source.
    Keeping the “ /SOURCE” key pressed for long will go back to stand by mode.
    You can toggle through the input modes by pressing the “ /SOURCE ” key, “bt” denotes Bluetooth Mode, “Hd” denotes HDMI ARC Mode, “OP” denotes Optical Mode, “AU” denotes Audio Mode, “Ud” denotes USB* mode.
  2. Play/Pause the songs.
  3. VOL-: Long press for volume decrease/ short press for prev track.
  4. VOL+: Long press for volume increase/ short press for next track.
  5. USB* Slot.

In order not to disturb in the dark, the LED display of soundbar is set to be dim after 30 seconds if there is no operation, and display off after another 90 seconds.
You can press any button to resume.


Remote controls

  1. Power ON or Standby mode.
  2. RESET: To set the EQ and volume to default level.
  3. MUTE: Turn volume o, short press again to activate.
  4. VOL+: To increase the Volume by short or long press VOL+.
  5. Play the previous song by pressing “ ” but not in audio mode.
  6. Play/pause in USB*/BT mode and MUTE in audio mode.
  7. Play next song by pressing “ ”, but not in audio mode.
  8. VOL-: To decrease the Volume by short or long press VOL-.
  9. BT: Bluetooth mode.
  10. ARC: HDMI ARC mode.
  11. OPT: Optical mode.
  12. AUD: Audio input mode.
  13. USB: USB* mode.

In order not to disturb in the dark, the LED display of soundbar is set to be dim after 30 seconds if there is no operation, and display off after another 90 seconds. You can press any button to resume.


Playing the speakers and subwoofer

System positioning:

The soundbar is recommended to be put on the at desktop to get a better acoustic effect.

Helpful Hint:
To avoid magnetic interference, do not position the speakers, too close to your TV.

Bluetooth Operating Instruction

  1. Press SOURCE key from soundbar or remote control to Bluetooth mode;
  2. When selecting the Bluetooth mode. “.” of “bt.” in display will start blinking and you will hear an audio tone which indicates Bluetooth pairing mode.
  3. For pairing with mobile phone or other Bluetooth devices, search the device named “Philips HTL1045” and pair it. Once paired, “.” of “bt.” slowly ash and come up with another audio tone. “.” of “bt.” will stop flash when playing music.
  4. Press and hold “ ” for 3 seconds from remote control in order to force disconnect the Bluetooth connection.

Note: While using Bluetooth, if external call comes, then speaker system goes in mute mode in order to protect privacy of mobile phone user. Operation resumes once the call is disconnected.


Under no circumstances should you try to repair the system yourself, as this will invalidate the warranty.

Problem Solution
1. No power. Check if the AC power cord is properly inserted into the AC mains socket.

Adjust the volume / select the correct source to choose the equipment that you want to hear through the system.

Reduce the distance between the remote control and the system. Replace the batteries with new ones / Point the remote control directly towards the  IR sensor (located on front panel of the subwoofer) / Check that the batteries

Place the product as far away as possible from electrical devices that may be causing interference / Check power supply voltage and consult electrician.

Drive is and play. / Take out USB drive and insert it again properly. Reduce the distance or device is not paired.

2. No sound or distorted sound.
3. The remote control does not
function properly.
4. Low hum or buzz sound.
5. drive cannot be read.
6. Slow operation of the USB
7 . BT not working.


This Philips soundbar is warranted against any defect due to defective materials or workmanship for 12 months from the date of purchase, should a defect develop during the warranty, TPV Technology India Pvt. Ltd.,

The warranty is not valid in case:

  1. Proof of purchase is not accompanied with this warranty card.
  2. The warranty card is not completed immediately after purchase.
  3. The apparatus is not used according to this user manual.
  4. Defects are caused due to improper or reckless use.
  5. Any repairs are done by persons other than Philips authorized service centre.
  6. The serial number is tampered with.
  7. Defects due to causes beyond control like lightning, abnormal voltage or while in transit to the purchaser’s residence.

Product Specifications

Total system power 45W RMS
Separation >40db
SNR >55db
Audio input socket Audio-2RCA cable
Power consumption 9.7 W
Soundbar 2 Way
Speaker size 3 inches*2+2.25 inches*2
Impedance 8 Ohm+8 Ohm
Frequency range 45Hz – 20KHz
Dimension (mm) W x H x D 800 x 70 x 92
Weight 2.67kg

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