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Phonocar 4 Camera Switcher VM257 Manual

Phonocar 4 Camera Switcher VM257 Manual Image

Phonocar 4 Camera Switcher


VM257 is a “switcher” for controlling 4 cameras, front, rear and/or additional cameras (e.g. blinkers), working by manually connecting them to their activation “triggers”.
The VM257 also accepts intermittent activation pulses.

Important Notes:

  1. Connect the yellow wire to Positive or Positive ignition key, depending on the installation to be performed, and the black wire to Negative. The Violet/White wire, upon activation of any trigger, will output 12 volts. (ideal for activating monitors by connecting it to the “Reverse +12” cable) The 10-pin connector in the Switcher is not enabled.
  2. The video output of the VM257 will always be set by default to input signal 1 when no input trigger is activated. This input is ideal for connecting the rear camera (reverse).
  3. The inputs of the VM257 have priority in descending numerical order. E.g.: If input 3 or 4 is activated, a lower number input (e.g. input 2) is activated. Input 2 will take priority over the higher numbered input.
  4. The Input triggers can accept either pulsed or constant input, making them ideal for connecting to a turn signal as a trigger.
  5. The reverse trigger output will provide a 150 mA 12v (+) trigger, while any of the input triggers activated.
  6. Upon deactivation of the last positive or are negative trigger, the last video input source and reverse trigger output will remain active for an additional 3 seconds. (Not applicable when used with a BCI-, RP4.2- or RP5.2- interface).
  7. If the video quality after installation of the module is poor, make sure that all RCA connections have been made correctly.
  8. Positive input triggers accept input voltages in the range of 2v to 12v.

Note : If there is no TRIGGER, the priority will be “VIDEO IN 1” but there will be no +12V on the violet/black monitor cable.


image 2

NOTE Connect either the positive trigger or the negative trigger, not both at the same time.


NOTE If you activate the 4 blinkers, two triggers are activated (2/3) and on the display you will have the triggered camera with the lowest number, in this case the n.° 2 “RIGHT BLINKER”.