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Pipishell Full TV Wall Mount Bracket PIMF3 Manual

Pipishell Full TV Wall Mount Bracket PIMF3 Manual Image
Pipishell Full TV Wall Mount Bracket

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  • Check package contents against Supplied Parts and Hardware Lists to assure that all components were received undamaged. Do not use damaged or defective parts. If you require replacement parts, contact customer service at [email protected]
  • Not all parts and hardware included will be used.
  • Carefully read all instructions before attempting installation. If you do not understand the instructions or have any concerns or questions, please contact customer service at [email protected]
  • This product may contain moving parts. Use with caution.
  • Do not use this product for any purpose or in any configuration not explicitly specified in this instruction. We hereby disclaims any liability for injury or damage arising from incorrect assembly, incorrect mounting, or incorrect use of this product.

Tools Needed (Not lncluded)

Supplied Parts

Supplied Hardware

Step 1 Measure VESA and Check TV screws

Step 2 Attach the TV Brackets to the TV

Step 3 Attach Wall Plate to Wall

STEP 4 Level Adjustment

STEP 5 Hang the TV onto the wall plate

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