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Portenic T25 GPS RC Drone Manual

Portenic T25 GPS RC Drone Manual Image

Portenic T25 GPS RC Drone


  1. Turn on drone, put it on a level surface.
    • The drone will auto-trim on level surface
    • All lights blinking red
  2. Turn on remote
    • Push up then push down left joystick
    • Pair successfully. Lights flashing blue(back)+white(front)
    • Lights flashing blue(back)+white(front)
      NOTE: You can start to connect WiFi through the state shown in APP Potensic-G, or wait until GPS is calibrated.
  3. Connect APP
    • Turn on WiFi on your mobile, select WiFi named “Potensic-xxx”, then enter the APP interface.
    • Lights flashing blue (back) and white (front).
  4. Initiate GPS Compass Calibration
    • Push the joysticks to 1 & 11 o’clock positions.
    • Lights flashing alternately blue/red(back)+white/red(front)
    • APP shows: “Compass Calibration”
  5. GPS Compass Calibration Part 1
    • Keep the drone level, hold the drone tail and pick up, rotate your body in one full circle (360°) .
    • Back lights will turn to solid blue.
  6. GPS Compass Calibration Part 2
    • Hold the drone bottom, pick up the drone face-down, rotate your body in one full circle(360°) .
    • Front lights will turn to solid white.
    • APP shows: “Compass Calibration okay”
  7. Resume to Default Setting/Calibrate Gyroscope
    • Push the joysticks to 11 & 1 o’clock positions.
    • Lights flashing blue(back)+white(front)
    • APP shows: “Gyroscope is being calibrated”/”Gyroscope okay” .
  8. Finalize GPS Calibration
    • Put the drone back on a level surface.
    • Lights flashing blue(back)+white(front), means the drone is finalizing GPS Calibration.
    • This process may take a few minutes.
    • APP shows: “Waiting for GPS signal”

Once all the lights turn to solid, then you can fly the drone.

  • Solid blue(back)+Solid white(front)
  • APP shows: “Ready to fly”

NOTICE: Under the environment of weak GPS signal(like indoors), the lights flash blue(back) and white(front); Press the Right Joystick on the remote for 2 seconds to turn off GPS Mode, then you can fly it, but all the GPS functions will shut down, including Position, Follow Me and One key Return function.