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Power Zoom MAX 8437019904326 Magnifying Eyewear Glasses Manual

Power Zoom MAX 8437019904326 Magnifying Eyewear Glasses Manual Image

Power Zoom MAX 8437019904326 Magnifying Eyewear Glasses

Thank you for your purchase of Power Zoom Max – the magnifying eyewear that gives you an incredible 160% magnification that lets you see things in detail y without straining your eyesight.


Power Zoom Max gives you an instant incredible 160% magnification of objects with no distortion combined with the portable power of hands-free illumination. Everything is
brighter, sharper, and bigger size, right before your eyes with a 120-degree wide view.


  • DO NOT use Power Zoom Max as eye protection.
  • DO NOT look at the sun while wearing Power Zoom Max.
  • Looking at or near the sun will cause immediate and irreversible damage to you eyes.
  • DO NOT stare at the LED Rights. This can cause vision impairment.
  • DO NOT walk around while wearing Power Zoom Max.
  • DO NOT drive or operate a vehicle while wearing Power Zoom Max.
  • DO NOT use solvents or alcohols for cleaning Power Zoom Max.
  • ATTENTION: For near vision use only. Ready-to-wear glasses with no prescription are not intended to replace prescribed corrective lenses or examinations by an eye care
    professional. Only regular e-care professional eye examinations can determine your visual needs and eye health.


To remove light dirt and fingerprints, use the microfibre cleaning case (included) or a soft optical cleaning cloth. For very dirty lenses, use water or a neutral soap to wash
them. DO NOT use heavy force to clean lenses as this may scratch them.


Power Zoom Max is simple and easy to use. They can be worn alone or with over-prescription eyeglasses or contacts. They should be worn near the tip of the nose, NOT in the same
position, you would wear normal glasses. Press ON/ OFF SWITCH on each temple to add light.

Wearing Over Eyeglasses:
When wearing over prescription glasses or sunglasses, leave space between Power Zoom Max and your other glasses to find the best focal length for you.