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PowerXL Grind & Go Manual

PowerXL Grind & Go Manual Image

 Grind & Go
Quick Start Guide

See the owner’s manual for complete assembly, instructions, and important safety information before using this product.

Unpack all parts from the box and wash with warm, soapy water before first use (only select accessories are dishwasher safe).

Open the Water Reservoir’s lid and pour in water, using the water level indicator on the Water Reservoir to measure the water according to the number of cups desired.
Insert the Filter Basket in the Carafe and add coffee beans. Overfilling the Carafe might jam the grinder. Add 2 tbsp. of coffee beans (1 scoop) for every 8 oz of water. More coffee beans can be added for a stronger flavor. Be sure not to exceed the maximum of 5 tbsp.
Press the Grind button. The Grind Button will illuminate and the coffee beans will be ground. The grinder will automatically stop when the beans are ground. Then, the appliance will begin to brew coffee.
When the appliance is done brewing coffee, three beeps will sound and the appliance will power off.

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