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Pro-Ject Record Clamp, Clamp it Manual

Pro-Ject Record Clamp, Clamp it Manual Image

Pro-Ject Record Clamp

Clamp it

Clamp it securely bonds the record to the platter, without the weight of a record puck which can stress the main platter bearing. You can adjust the downward pressure depending on the condition of your warped records. Clamp it is precision machined with diamond cut bevels and a leather pad to protect the record label, Clamp it works with any platter spindle, threaded or smooth.

Material:        aluminum with leather coating
Diameter:      78 mm
Height:          33 mm
Weight:          120 g


  1. Make sure the screw cap is loose and press it down to unlock the clamp mechanism.

  2. Place Clamp it over the platter spindle with the record on the platter. Applying a small amount of downward pressure may help flatten some warped records.

  3. Tighten Clamp it by turning the knob clockwise until it is snug. Do not over tighten! To remove, turn the knob counter-clockwise to loosen, then lift off the clamp.

Produced in Europe

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